Immigration Equals Capitalism

An excerpt on why immigration is a business.

Mexican Immigrants making their way to America for an opportunity.

Immigration. A popular discussion among civilians, families and politicians. The topic of immigration may strike a nerve for some people, while for others it may entice them. But the question is, why has the topic of immigration, mainly from Mexico, been so popular in the news lately? Is it because of the legal aspect of it, is it because of the people migrating, or is it because of the money?

According to the Pew Research Center, about 11 million unauthorized immigrants were living in the USA in 2015, and about 5.6 million of them were Mexican. This number actually dropped from 2009 for various reasons such as deportation, fear of deportation, and/or a failed American dream. Even though there was a large number of Mexican immigrants in the USA working and making a living for themselves and their families, they were not reaping the benefits of their labor.

For many years, immigration has been a business in America. Dating back to the slave trade, African slaves were snatched from their homes in Africa and forced to come to America and work for Caucasian people. The slave trade happened because Americans were thinking about how they can capitalize from this opportunity by using people of color who they thought were subhuman, and paid them little to nothing to do the work that they were too lazy to do for themselves. The Mexican immigration issue is a bit different from this, but Americans are still capitalizing off of the work of these immigrants.

The Baby Boomer era continues to get older and continues to depend on their benefits of social security. The millions of Mexican immigrants in this country work hard every day to provide for their families, only to not reap the benefits of social security because of the nearly impossible process of becoming a US citizen. Is this fair? The answer is no. Although being in a country without authorization is illegal, the unauthorized people themselves are not criminals. It is unfair that they cannot be granted citizenship and a social security number, but work insane hours to only have their social security benefits be given to other citizens of the USA. This is capitalism; using something or someone at their own expense to make a profit out of it. If Mexican immigrants cannot becoming citizens, why is their hard earned cash being given to other citizens? There should be two options: do not take social security out of their paycheck (which is far fetched), or give them a social security number so that they can be rewarded for their work. Having money taken out of your paycheck that will never be rewarded back to you is immoral.

We all know that America thrives off of capitalism, from the holiday seasons to birthdays. In the film, Capitalism: A Love Story, the director Michael Moore encapsulates American society in a nutshell: money. Everything that is done in America is for money. For example, the rapid number of foreclosed homes in America. Big banks do not care to give some time for families to gather up enough funds and pay their bills, instead they are quick to kick you out onto the streets for not making a couple of payments. Capitalist America is a whole different monster when it comes to money and does not care about the“now what?” that many Americans face after losing their homes. This ruins their credit to ever be able to purchase a home or car again because of some money that they did not pay back 10+ years ago. In relation to immigrants, they continue to work everyday, and never see the benefits in the end, which could essentially be compared to working for free like the slaves during the slave trade.

The movie Capitalism: A Love Story

In Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore says,

Capitalism is an organized system to guarantee that greed becomes the primary force of our economic system and allows the few at the top to get very wealthy and has the rest of us riding around thinking we can be that way, too — if we just work hard enough, sell enough Tupperware and Amway products, we can get a pink Cadillac.

Moore is basically saying capitalism is set up so that the people at the top of the pyramid benefit from all of the money, while the rest of us working class folks keep working hard thinking that one day we can reach this level of wealth, but the system does not work that way. People have to constantly stay at the top of the pyramid and people have to constantly stay at the bottom of the pyramid in order for society to keep moving forward. Every once in a while you hear a success story of a Mexican immigrant coming to America as an undocumented citizen, but eventually working their way to the top and being apart of the top 5%. Unfortunately, most Mexican immigrants can never make it to the top because of the American capitalist system that automatically sets them up to fail.

Immigrants are often stereo typed as lazy and as people just taking away all of the jobs. However, immigrants are paying billions of dollars from the taxes being taken out of their pay check. How can a group of people be categorized as lazy if billions of dollars are being taken out of their PAYCHECK? In addition to the lazy argument, majority of the time, immigrants end up taking on the jobs that US citizens do not want to do because they think they are too good or are actually too lazy to work themselves. How can immigrants get a job being a doctor or a lawyer if they cannot even get a social security number? This goes to show that the US is profiting from migrant workers.

Immigration is a big part of American history and so is making money. America will go to any extent to make a pretty penny, even if it means exploiting immigrants. It is important as a society to not fall into America’s capitalist trap (easier said than done), otherwise we become the monster we once were complaining about.