Vietnam Volunteer Surgeries

OUI Inc. (International)
Nov 27 · 2 min read

On November 21, Dr. Eisuke Shimizu and Dr. Hiroyuki Yazu from OUI Inc. joined Dr. Atsushi Hattori of the Asia Prevention of Blindness Association to volunteering program by the Non-Profit Organization, the Fight for Vision at the Republic of Hải Phòng An Dương General Hospital in Vietnam for a total of 3 days.

We participated by giving free cataract surgeries to those in need and the 4 Vietnamese doctors and 6 Japanese doctors (including ourselves) safely completed a total of 100 surgeries.

Up to this day, patients had their eyes examined with a pen light since clinics did not have conventional slit lamp microscopes. However, thanks to the birth of our product, the Smart Eye Camera(SEC) , we were able to smoothly and accurately evaluate the patients’ cataract severity, and were able to appropriately select the surgical method, ultimately pleasing the patients and helping us finish the surgeries earlier than expected.

Dr. Yazu (back) and Dr. Shimizu(front) doing preoperative examinations with the SEC
We were able to diagnose all patients accurately with the SEC!
Dr. Yazu examining a patient with a severe cataract.
All surgeries complete! (From left: Myself, Dr. Nhung, Dr. Hattori, Dr. Yazu, Dr. Huong, Dr. Fujishima, Dr. Aketa, and Dr. Kawakita)

We were even broadcasted on the local Vietnam news! Check out the link below! (From 2:18, they deal with our surgeries, and from 3:40, the scene diagnosing patients with SEC appears!!)

Looking forward to helping more in need all over the world!

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OUI Inc. is a company founded by 3 Japanese ophthalmologists with the goal to overcome world blindness by combining their knowledge in the field with new idea.

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