I take care of pool

It’s 5 O’Clock till Tuesday. I just know I don’t want to be seen. There are ways to involve yourself in mystery with subtlety and then there are ways to observe and run. I skew the blind on the left side, he is not a clever man. He is powerful but predictable. His power has come by way of luck, brute history where the fallen missed him by inches. He has defied odds in a monotonous way. He is talking about iron ore in the valley O’Neal, he was calm but is now furious. Glowing red in the sun; bursts of sandpaper on teeth. He has purple fingertips from brushing the passionflowers. Its a flourishing vine even though its neglected. It covers most of his railing, if I were below on the street I wouldn't be able to see his pool deck. The pool is blue but I cant see the texture of the tiling, it looks neutral colored so perhaps he uses Gwynn’s Poodle dye. Its a small luxury pool, part vanity part soaking tub. It probably is an architectural piece to enhance the view from a bedroom. If the house goes on the market I am going to swim in it and eat the passion fruit.

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