Response to “The Testosterone Abyss”
Olivia Thoelke

I read your response and went to reply and noticed that someone else had commented making the claim that your analysis was in fact a case of “shaming” and “personal offense.” Am I to categorize this as an example of pure, weird dude energy or to stick to my gut and put this as a case of entitlement? I’m going to go with the latter.

Your response and this stranger’s reply also made me realize one thing that I felt was missing or not fully interrogated from the podcast piece about Weird Dude Energy, which is that the creators are two women. It was mentioned and then brushed under the rug, but part of me wonders, was this space created as a means to create a space for a non-toxic, “pure” as they put it, silly forum for masculinity? I’m interested in how much the mediation between screen and IRL aids in these women collecting these images/videos/etc of weird dude energy and removing the context of these men’s lives. It’s easy to laugh behind a screen until weird dude energy manifests into something darker.

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