Be A Warrior Not A King.

Life is a hefty battle where humans need to fight with all the guts they’ve got against evilness. It might sounds boring, but take a second and think about it.

Turn on your TV, read Syria latest news or just go and watch the American elections; how do you feel? Happy? Optimistic? No evilness detected though!

Most of the time, we are nothing more than spectators of the big big show of inhumanity; we love playing the role of the king who has the absolute power to command, who can get whatever he want by a fingertip; but we want never to be the warrior who fight dangerously and might even lose his life for the nation’s freedom.

In fact, we’re getting used to being used instead of using what we have to be useful beings. The fight against evilness has many patterns; you have to beat the monster within yourself- hardest battle- to clean your soul and heart from stereotypes, judgments and mediocrity. This latter “beast” is powerful and dangerous, you need to set up a daily system with robust “weapons” to deal with it, to seek for excellence in every task you do a way to shove off its deep roots from your existence.

When the inner battle ends, you become a warrior of humanity, you can help others, you can give a voice for unheard hearts, you are a chandelier of love and tolerance. Hence, the other battles: getting a diploma, job or promotion, become the easiest and the most enjoyable moments to live.

You’re the king of your life, but being the warrior is the ultimate path to win the battle of LIFE .

The war - clash of civilizations- outside is constantly on, it’ll surely ends when we win our battles, inner ones.

May we live as warriors until last breath. AMEN!