When Refugees Don’t Exist Anymore.

I’m on my fifth flight this day, running from conference to another, meeting the most inspiring people in the world and living for my passion.

I see people from all over the globe in one small room, to many different styles and faces, but we work on the same project. We watch movies together, we play sports and we share the same hope and amibitions for humanity.

The news is quite normal. No conflicts, no crisis and no wars such what it used to happen in that ancient history. My granddaughters couldn’t understand what happened in the period of 2010–2020, it took me a while to clarify things. At school, they study about this and I’m grateful they didn’t live this past. Last week, in our family gathering, my assistant-robot Dianna spelled the word “refugee” while she was glancing at my oldish files, my grandson got curious to know what does it mean so I had to spend the rest of the day speaking about events from decades ago.

My day ends late so often. Before I head to sleep, I was thinking about my vacation and where I’m going to spend it. Suddenly, I remembered my good friend Corinne in Aleppo. She invited me many times to her beautiful house within trees and compelling nature. I will not hesitate, I cannot find a better country than Syria, most famous galleries, artistic activities during the whole summer and mesmerizing views and landscapes to inspire me to do my thing: writing. I’m already excited about this vacation like a child or a girl in her early 20s, funny!

It is true that I’m old- my spirit is not tho- I have wrinkles and I’m gray-haired but I’m more than thankful that I could live until this time, where there is no mortal diseases, no refugees and no wars, where humans live peacefully and freely. It is a MIRACLE.

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