I’ve always been told that walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. Friendship a big word with a deep meaning but only few people believe in it. It’s true that the greatest gift of life is friendship. But the main question is have u received one? 
Let’s dig in and discover what this world mean to us. I’ve always wondered if there is a logic behind bonds of friendship. Once i was told that a friend can’t come to you from no where and without any purpose, nevertheless it must be someone from your circle closer or distant but the essential is that you share some points with him. I say the opposite, a true friendship is the greatest of all blessings. And the most great ones are the most unexpected! Open your heart for every one and be the candle in people’s room because at the end the only way to have a friend is to be one. If you don’t give, you don’t love don’t expect another one to do so with you. Let me tell you about my story, my friendship. Once upon a time i was told that when i grow up some people will share memories with me happy dreams and moments and those people will share my feelings too i was so scared of this idea would it be for real, is there in the world someone that will share with me my thoughts my feelings my weakness and see the deep me? It was just like a dream to me.. From that time i started to learn about friendship how could a friend be a human? Maybe! My personality was built so as i give everything i have to that special someone, the *friend*, probably it was not a good idea to give someone all you have and you don’t even know him! But whatever, since i was a little child i was alone inside my own circle, with my own ideas waiting for the day i can get out of it and discover the world and his people. I didn’t know much about love but i guess the only love i was carrying with me since that day is the true love of a friend. But as i always believed things happen in a messy way, life don’t have any rules to pursue but once you believe with all your heart in friendship you’ll receive one. However friendship is always a responsibility kind of a sweet one but never an opportunity. And yes, i received the best gift life can offer to you. A good friends to walk with and i am here to talk to you about my experience. I have friends that i believe in as much as they believe in me. I’ve shared with them the most beautiful and painful moments of my life. We’ve cried together laughed together and did the craziest things together, they simply summarise my life. The strong bond of friendship isn’t always a balanced equation it is not giving and taking in equal shares. Instead, a true friend is that person who pops in your mind when you’re in trouble and go right away demanding their help without thinking of giving a return to him. It is that person, whom you think of at first when you wanna have fun and without him life seems without pleasure. yes! I’ve felt all of this emotions with them and yes for true friendship it still exists and we should fight to keep it alive. You can never know the real you without any reflection and my friend is my mirror that reflects who i am and try to make me the best version of myself. But always remember you can’t have what you dream of or believe in by the first shot. I’ve fallen a hundreds times before meeting the right ones, carried a lot of holes inside of me and even cried plenty of times but never stopped seeking for true friendship because the soul need to be refreshed by the power of friendship, of having someone that care for your existence and especially someone who don’t judge you or talk behind you but defend you in your absence and joke about you when you’re present. I would talk with you till the sun rises with my eyes sparkling and the smile coloring my face without ending the happiness i’ve felt when i’m with them, or even when i’m thinking about them. Trust me life is not worthy without these people. The keys to this door of friendship is to believe with all your heart and to let go all of the negative thoughts that affects badly your life.
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