Excellent article and beautifully written.
Sarah Cooper

I like Twitter a lot, for its intelligence level (and access to journalists/academics/pundits etc. — very useful if you do any activism) but I have been subject to some serious abuse on a number of occasions. And not only from people whose identities were anonymized! The worst came after I published an article on hipsters and colonialism (I’ve now uploaded it to Medium). Death threats, the c word, and in one case a guy showing up screaming, in person, to a bookshop whose owner had tweeted a link to my article. I haven’t left Twitter but I certainly enjoy the gamergate crowd and general male abuse the moment gender comes up — or even just in general. You don’t have to bring up gender to be hassled; you just have to be a woman on the internet. Twitter is derelect in dealing with this. I reported the guy who showed up in person to rant about me, and they actually did suspend him — FOR TWO WEEKS. What the hell.