From “AS IS” to Awesome: How I turned a microwave, 2 ottomans and some dusty lamps into a sparkling new LG washer and dryer.

By Sarah

My laundry room used to permanently look like a bomb went off! After many years of trying new systems, chore routines, or calling in help (hey, whose granny or BFF is not up for a night playing that really cool sock game!?), with every move came a new reality and with every child came, well, more laundry!

I am good at many things, but after feeling like I was always swimming against the current in this particular area, I had to resign myself to the idea that my laundry room would never be a place that was organized or inviting. A win for me meant having all the laundry washed. In a heap. On the laundry table. Need a pair of socks that match? Good luck…

Laundry. Ugh.

The anxiety I felt about this grew to epic proportions in the last couple of weeks prior to moving to “Our Big House”. How on EARTH was I supposed to suddenly “get it together” and keep up with this unmanageable task while moving in with 4/5 other people!? Breathe in. Breathe out.

To make matters worse, our new house came with a lovely large washer and dryer, but the catch was that they came, “AS IS”. Upon move in we quickly discovered that our “AS IS” washer were heavy on the “As Is”. Much cussing ensued. Mid way through the load the washer would randomly stop working, with an error code popping up AND it was also leaving large puddles of water on the floor. Every time this happened, we had to CANCEL. DRAIN. RESTART. Over and over and over again.

To be honest, all this anxiety was making me feel like a puddle on the floor and there was many a time where I wished I could “Cancel — Drain — Restart” my day too. Ugh.

The good news was that Eric and I had also moved our washer/dryer set with us, as we had originally planned to have a contractor come and wire in the hookups so that we could have a second set of laundry equipment installed.

This was going to be the solution to all my laundry anxiety! We would have 2 washers and 2 dryers! If our dish problem was solved by installing 2 dishwashers, and if our food storage situation was solved with 2 fridges and 2 freezers, why couldn’t the same be true for the laundry situation? Double the washing capacity and double the dryer space would mean that I’d have loads of time if leftover to FOLD & PUT AWAY! Right?

(Bonus Fun Fact: 2 is my favourite number. Birthday gifts welcome on 02/02.)

So with our “AS IS” washing machine causing us to all lose our salvation, it was time for someone to call that contractor and get Set #2 installed ASAP!!!

Turns out, a full install of a washer/dryer is a lot of hassle and a ton of money which made us ask the question, do we really need two sets? Could we sell one dryer and just hang more things to dry? What if we sold the broken washer and just replaced it? We thought about just replacing the AS IS set with the set that Eric and I brought, but our set wasn’t big enough to handle the needs of everyone!

None of these solutions were inspiring me. In my mind, I wanted to have a faster production line, but more than that, I wanted space. Clean space, and less expense. 2 washers/dryers meant less space and more expense. No go.

So I began to think: what if we sold ALL OF THE STUFF and started over? But how? With what money?

As some of you may know, I have a fun “obsession” with my local online Swap & Sell groups. I am willing to wait a long time for something that I need or want if it means that I can find it as someone’s cast off for ¼ of the price. And funny enough, other people in my community are like me too!

So, imagine for a minute that you have just combined all the stuff from two houses and an apartment under one roof… crazy thought eh? Well, turns out that when you move three households into one space, in the end you find that you have a few extra lamps, small appliances, home décor items, curtain panels, side tables, bowls, knives, etc. that you no longer need but other people do. And VOILA, I had stumbled upon the solution to the laundry problem.

In the end, we made $945 selling off our old, unneeded or extra stuff!

Within hours of this “Eureka Moment” I was posting all the extra and unneeded items from our house to every Swap and Sell group I could find. This idea of posting things online and having a steady stream of people showing up on our doorstep with cash in hand was a foreign concept to our new housemates, but as I kept reminding them of our need for a huge new washer & dryer, and as the cash kept rolling in (and as the error code kept showing up over and over), I found that the other people in the house became very willing to hand their unwanted items over to me to sell. “Here, I found these bowls. Oh, an extra microwave. Two storage ottomans, a mirror, light fixtures…..” the list kept growing for a couple of weeks and even expanded to include the two washers and two dryers that we started with.

Eventually, all this Swapping and Selling paid off, and on July 19, we excitedly welcomed into our home our brand new washer and dryer babies. LG, Top-Load, Steam-Turbo-Wash, Graphite, 6 Cubic ft…I almost hadn’t seen anything so beautiful since I welcomed my own children into the world! (The installation process was ALMOST as messy as child birth too…but that’s a story for another time!)

Aren’t they just the most beautiful little things you ever saw?

The awesome part is that in the end, because we made $945 in profit from the magical doorstep business and because we managed to score a $570 store rebate (due to price matching the flyers- Michael’s super power!),we kept our out of pocket expenses for a top-of-the-line washer /dryer set to under $1000. That’s a bargain I can get excited about!

So while I don’t have two washers and dryers, and I still have the odd basket of unfolded laundry laying around, my laundry room is spacious, highly efficient and, most importantly, extremely affordable. When I look at my sparkling new washer and dryer, I’m reminded of what you can do with a little creativity, some Facebook posts and a willingness to part with some things that you don’t need anymore.

Now if only my kids could stop wearing 3 outfits a day, the laundry crisis would truly be solved!

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