Bike sharing has become popular over the last 10 years, especially in cities. This is a guide to why it’s good to get a bike share station installed in your neighborhood, along with where you shop and work. In San Francisco, we have 100+ bike share stations, and the network is expanding to serve more parts of the city. The benefits outlined here pertain to docked bike share stations like Ford GoBike, but many benefits also apply to dockless bike systems like JUMP and Lime Bikes.

Photo credit: Paul Wasneski

Bike share stations make streets safer.

By shifting a percentage of modes from cars to bikes, bike sharing stations have led to increases in public safety through fewer vehicle collisions. In some cities with bike share stations, motor vehicle collisions have dropped 65%. …

Our Bikes SF

Tell our leaders to support new Ford GoBike stations and remove the cap on Jump ebikes.

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