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Numa Perrier
  1. When it comes to storytelling, where do you get your inspiration from?

I’m most interested and inspired by stories on the fringe — unconventional family dramas- and experiences that deal with intimacy and the politics of pleasure. I like the underdog and the left of center. I like films that deal with the absurdity of life- satires and odd comedies.My inspiration comes from real life, often my own. I pull from memory and infuse with imagination along the way.

2. What is the toughest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Learning to relax and let go while I do my work is something I’m getting better at.

3. What kind of world do you want to see now that “Jezebel” is made?

Jezebel is a story of love and survival between sisters. I feel compelled to illuminate the nuances between sisters as they become women and seek guidance from each other. In Jezebel part of this involves the sisters doing adult entertainment as young black women against the very white backdrop of Las Vegas. Making the film was thrilling and scary and touching and raised so many questions along the way. I feel excited about exploring the answers. The film is it’s own mold and I want to see more Black Women in particular telling stories how we want to tell them instead of attempting to conform to approaches that are actually foreign to us.

4. As a filmmaker, what are some key lessons learned so far?

Feed your crew well and they will feed you well — ALWAYS.

Be selfish about your creative space-not everyone can be in there.

Do what excites you.

5. What do you know today that you wish you knew when you began your journey as a filmmaker?

There’s not really any short cuts to any of this. Enjoy the ride.

6. What would you say is your unique responsibility as a filmmaker?

My responsibility is to keep creating it’s part of my purpose,so I gotta keep going.

How can others reach out to you and/or stay informed about your upcoming projects?

Twitter and IG is @missnuma also houseofnuma.com



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