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Otoja Abit

1. When it comes to storytelling, where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration from life. If you look around, converse with people and are just interested in exploring different ideas it’s inevitable to locate interesting stories all around.

2. What is the toughest challenge you’ve faced so far?

As a filmmaker it’s patience to know that this story will travel and find it’s audience. Once the film was completed I was so excited and wanted everyone to watch it. If someone didn’t take the allotted fifteen minutes I took that personal. Now, I’m at a place of understanding that if something is relatable and done well it stands out.

3. What kind of world do you want to see now that “Jitters” is made?

I would love to see a world where there are no labels and assumed perceptions. Jitters is a film that makes you think and question how you see things. After watching this, if people are present in conversation and truly connecting with another being on a deep level… then we’ve done our job.

4. As a filmmaker, what are some key lessons learned so far? What do you know today that you wish you knew when you began your journey as a filmmaker?

I learned that even as small a film might seem, it takes a village. Also learned that a director’s job is ongoing and very similar to pushing a grindstone up a hill. The movie being released is a celebration, but press, deliverables and finding an audience is the true joy of indie filmmaking.

5. What would you say is your unique responsibility as a filmmaker?

I feel every filmmaker has to recreate intimate moments and include them in a full story. Audiences should watch any story and see themselves in it. Even films about aliens, animals — whatever. If there’s a thematic thread in it, the audience will definitely sit-up in their seats with s craving for more, more, more.

How can others reach out to you and/or stay informed about your upcoming projects?

We have our social handles @jittersfilm and my personal @ohabit. Am very interested in people’s thoughts from the film so please reach out with any comments at jittersfilm@gmail.com



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