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In every city, you would find that news report is very important. It would be able to give you the ideas about the happenings in the city and in the whole world. Therefore, you can find that there would always be newspaper in cities around the world. Yes, you might not be able to afford for the television so you might not watch news report. But you would find that you can afford for newspapers better than television so you would want to read the newspaper.

In Kolkata, you would be able to find many types of newspapers indeed. For example, you would find The Telegraph Kolkata. This is one of the reliable newspapers in India and in Kolkata. It is written in English and it is one of the popular newspapers among all newspapers in the country. The number of copies made by this newspaper is increasing from year to year and you can find that the increasing trend is still high.

On the other hand, you can find The Statesman Kolkata popular also. It tries to provide different kinds of information, such as the sports news, the international news, the finance news, etc. This news might not be provided by some other local newspapers, but The Statesman Kolkata would try to provide the information.

You can also find that Times of India Kolkata is very powerful among all newspapers in India. It is a famous newspaper because of the rapid updates provided. You would be able to find the online version of this newspaper. In the online website, there would be frequent update with some emergencies. In other words, you would be able to read some pieces of news that are not included in the paper version of the newspaper. Even though Times of India Kolkata is not the only company providing the online version, it is regarded as one of the fast-movers in updating the news online so it is welcomed by many readers indeed.

Apart from the newspapers mentioned above, you might still find information from newspapers like Aajkaal, Bartaman, etc. These newspapers are not written in English. Instead, they are written in Bengali. Therefore, these newspapers can be regarded as the ones provided for local people to read. Yes, you can find that in these local newspapers there would be more about the local news instead of the international news.

If you travel to Kolkata and you are interested in knowing more about what happened in your home country, you can choose the right newspaper to read. You would find that it is not difficult for you to find the right choice of newspaper. If you are confused about the options, you can choose several at the same time because the price of the newspapers is not expensive. Of course, you can also consider visiting the online version of the newspaper so that you would be able to find the updated information from time to time when you travel or work in Kolkata. You can start searching for the information online now.

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