Minding the gap

Hillary’s plan elevates the importance of mental health. Three Coloradans explain why that’s crucial for families like theirs.

On Monday, Hillary released her comprehensive plan to support Americans living with mental health issues by integrating the mental and physical health care systems. Coloradans who lost family members in tragedies such as Columbine and Sandy Hook are applauding her plan to increase access to mental health care and the common sense steps she will take to reform America’s gun laws. Here’s why.

Coni Sanders: Daughter of Dave Sanders, who died helping students escape from Columbine High School

Coni in Washington, D.C.

“As a mental health therapist and the daughter of a murdered teacher, I am wholeheartedly in support of Hillary Clinton’s mental health policy agenda. After more than 12 years working as a therapist, a mental health care clinician at the state mental hospital, and a violence prevention educator, I am impressed with the level of commitment to mental health in this policy.”

Tom Mauser: Father of Daniel Mauser, who lost his life at Columbine High School

“Putting mental healthcare on par with physical healthcare will not be easy, but it is crucial. Our next President must prioritize this cause, and I am proud to see Hillary Clinton taking a strong stance on the issue with her mental health policy agenda. I believe as our President, she will fight harder than anyone to help prevent tragedies like the Columbine shooting I lost my son to 17 years ago. She understands that will take a balanced approach with common-sense gun legislation and a plan to address mental healthcare, and she has the plans to address these issues.”

Jane Dougherty: Sister of Mary Sherlach, who died trying to protect children at Sandy Hook Elementary

Jane meeting with Hillary

“Tragically, my sister’s life was taken by a disturbed young man. When guns and mental health problems like depression, anger, and suicide intersect, the results are deadly. Hillary Clinton’s mental health policy agenda would be a meaningful and incredibly important step forward toward becoming a safe and healthy society, and I proudly support it.”

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