Cory Booker: “You are not just fighting for a campaign”

Words of wisdom from the Garden State’s senator

By Eleanor Harris

On June 24, Senator Cory Booker visited the Hillary For Colorado headquarters to speak with organizers from across the state. He reminded us of what’s at stake in this election — and why the work we do today will matter long after the campaign is over.

Here is a portion of his powerful remarks:

I say often that we are all here not because of the great-man theory of history. If you walk the mall, there’s tributes to the Kings and the Jeffersons and the Lincolns and the like. We often tend to think that these are somehow better-than-us people that landed from Mount Olympus and led this country forward. But the truth of the matter is if you really know our history of America, the reason why we’ve advanced so much is because of ordinary Americans who were willing to make extraordinary commitments to the values of this nation.
Here we are at this profound inflection point. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, where you’re choosing between demagoguery and fear mongering and nativism and people who want to do contrary to what our great presidents said — and then we have this other campaign going on, with people who are trying to fight to elevate our highest values.
I’m telling you right now — what you’re doing is in accordance with the greatest traditions of our country. You are not just fighting for a campaign or an election. This is a larger campaign that has been going on for generations to advance our country in further alignment with our most precious ideals and our highest aspirations.

Senator Booker’s remarks are a crucial reminder of the importance of organizing. It’s time for you to join the team.