“We’ve got great work to do.”

Our seven favorite moments from Hillary in Denver

On Wednesday, Colorado hosted a very important guest.

Hillary visited Knotty Tie Company, a local business that creates made-in-America ties and scarves while providing job opportunities to resettled refugees. (Yep—it’s pretty incredible.) Then, she spoke at a campaign rally in the Denver area about her plan to create an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

In case you missed Hillary’s visit and speech, here are some of the best moments.

1. A shoutout to a made-in-Colorado accessory she picked up earlier

“I met folks living right here in Denver who are making ties and scarves. I hope you like this one because I got it at Knotty just a few hours ago. In fact, one thing I really like about it is printed right here on the scarf. It says ‘made in Colorado,’ not China.”

2. Her 🔥🔥🔥 response to Trump’s complaints about fire marshals

“We’re going to have to look for some bigger spaces when we come here to Colorado. But I do want to say that I actually really like fire marshals.”

3. When she explained the difference between Trump and Gov. Hickenlooper

“Governor Hickenlooper has used his own experience as a small businessman not to turn his back on what it took but to try to help more people get the tools they need to start those businesses. What a stark contrast with Donald Trump.”

4. When the crowd made an important hiring decision

“I do want you to know what I want to do as your president, to weigh that. It’s like a big job interview. You’re hearing from two people that you might hire.”

And the crowd responded: “You’re hired!”

5. When she reminded us of what actually makes America great

“When people say to me, ‘Hey, we can’t do that in America,’ I say, ‘I don’t know which America you’ve been looking at.’ A negative, pessimistic view of America — that is not who we are. Do we have challenges? Sure. But can we meet them? Absolutely.”

6. When she committed to protecting Colorado’s public lands

“We have a responsibility to protect our public lands in America. The outdoor economy, the recreational economy is so important to so many places here in Colorado and elsewhere throughout the West.”

7. When she called the audience to action (and gave us goosebumps)

“Colorado, let’s get to work. Let’s win in November. And let’s make sure we build an American future that we all could be part of.”

Take it from Hillary—it’s time to get to work. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or just decided to volunteer, you can sign up to join the team here.

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