“What we need to do is get out the vote.”

Our Democratic senator on what’s at stake in this election

Remarks by Senator Michael Bennet

On August 20, we opened our newest field office in Commerce City! We heard from special guest Sen Michael Bennet, who shared his family’s story—and how it motivates him in this election.

My mom and her parents were Polish Jews who survived the Holocaust. They stayed there after the war for a couple years and then embarked to build a better life. They came to the only country in the world where they thought they could rebuild their shattered lives—and that was America.

If my grandmother could hear what was coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth, she wouldn’t just be complaining. She’d say, “We need to do something about this.” And what we need to do is get out the vote.

This race is about preserving who we are as Americans, and preserving our values—the idea that one generation has the opportunity to build for the next. In the end, it’s about the hard work going on in offices just like this. I’m absolutely convinced that we’re going to be able to win this Senate race, we’re going to elect Hillary as the president of the United States, and we’re going to keep a promise to our kids that our parents and grandparents kept for us—which is that it’s our job to make sure this country keeps moving forward in an inclusive way.

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