Engaged members in ACTION: Community services is our passion

TUYISHIME Isdore is a student at the University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health Sciences.
From his young age, he had a passion to work for the community so that he induces a change in Rwandan community. This prompted him to developed a project to work with the Street children by providing the appropriate Solution to their livelihood due to the root causes of being in the street instead of living in respective families. “STREET CARE PROVIDER” is his project. Activities are implemented in two sectors being Rubengera and Bwishyura sector of Karongi District, western province of Rwanda.
“Have you that passion of empowering community like me?, Have you sympathy of street Children like me? These are his questions while advocating for street children livelihood”

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I am Iradufasha Evode, a student in General Medicine at the University of Rwanda. Since my childhood, I have been highly passionate to be engaged in any community service. I would spend much of my time asking “why do people get sick and not get treated? Why are some people hungry?” and my parents would reply me that the world is cruel, that I have to work hard to have a better future.
After my high school, I started realizing that community service upheld the world, as well as to me personally. I would become highly involved in organizations like Health Education clubs, Tuseme and other movements engaged in community services
Community service gives me a sense of gratitude and I become less stressed. Community service enables me to earn connections to people who are also passionate about promoting the community and contributes to my education because. It has taught and refined skills including leadership, teambuilding, and problem solving.
Today being a University student, I continue the path I have started of being at community service. One of the next steps to take however is creating a community service club that focuses on contributing to the alleviation of health challenges that the community is facing, Educating and Advocating for the community. To do so I will need to further improve my leadership and communication skills.

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Hirwa Lis is a student in Environmental Health sciences in University of Rwanda (UR) who in front of all the problems that the community face chose not to sit and watch but to stand up and do something. I started up a public health students association which build the capacity and competency of students in the School of Public Health (SPH) through volunteering in community services at the same time promoting health of the latter. Nationally, the community face different challenges being hunger, poverty, communicable and non-communicable diseases, malnutrition, etc. all of them adversely affecting their health. This pushed us as youth students in UR to stand up and act as workforce in different communities to help identify innovative solutions to their problems and find ways to sustain those solutions. This implies doing community outreaches to assess health challenges in the community and carry out possible interventions using community participation to make the solutions more sustainable. Problems vary according to the community which is why as students in SPH we also are flexible while responding to them and apply knowledge that we have so far been receiving in class. We also carry out health education about different important public health topics like hand washing, proper waste management, consumption of balanced diet to prevent malnutrition, improved sanitation, etc. all this for the welfare of the community.
Our association cannot tackle all public health disparities but we chose to be as humming bird, a metaphor once used by Wangari Mathaai, who was a Kenyan environmental activist, who described it as a courageous animal who in front of a burning forest chose to fetch water with its very small beak rather than sitting overwhelmed. We believe that as students we can do little things that once put together would make a bigger and impactful change in our community.

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  • Ntiyaduhanye Esther: She has started collaboration with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for her initiative in refugee camps to educate refugees about Gender Based Violence and to help girls who have been sexually violated go through self healing process and to empower them to be emotionally and financially independent. She has a very kin interest in working with women as she finds herself to be a Humanist with major focus on women?
  • Why women?: she finds them vulnerable to sexual violence and innocent as weak humans. Her community services initiative was inspired as she grew up in a society where women were harassed and hence felt to be a stimulus to braveness, courage and YES I can to women who are voiceless.

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Mapendo Mindje, is a teaching staff at the University of Rwanda. His early passion for community services and collaboration with a number of youth in his village has prompted him to create various movements that support vulnerable people.
Currently, Mapendo seconds as a Student representative at the Talloires network steering committee, where his responsibilities are coupled with raising students voice as they are engaged in community services from around the world.
Moreover, He serves as a One Health Central and Eastern Africa (OHCEA) Cadre in Rwanda where he helps in mobilizing and training students about the One Health Concept (Animal, Human and Environmental Health linkage) as applied to communities in solving issues related to zoonotic diseases transmission and prevention. Mapendo is currently pursuing his Masters in Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resources Management at the University of Rwanda.
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I am called Jessica ISIMBI, student at the University of Rwanda in biomedical laboratory sciences and I am passionate about serving and supporting the community. I believe that I can do something to impact the community; and this means moving from my class chair and go into the community where people live and spend most of their time to really know the challenges they are facing. It is because of those reasons I participated in different movements that focus on community works such as health education, saving for future action and other actions ready to start subsequently.
Recently, Jessica has been working in a campaign sensitizing the community in different districts of Rwanda about saving culture. Where a person with a project or any other plan in the future can start saving any amount of money per day or per month in a bank with an interest rate and then be able to live his/her dream in a short/determined period of time.
She wants to live in a community where people support one another and she believes that doing nothing for the community is the undoing of heryself.