Is your child looking for a new learning adventure based on personal passion?

A pioneer group of children has explored our new model for learning. Learners rate their own learning experience at Our Dream School and after only 5 months we have facts that speak for themselves…

  1. Net Promoter Score: 3.0 Previous School — 9.5 ODS

2. Respected by Teachers: 5.0 Previous School — 8.5 ODS

3. Respected by Peers: 5.5 Previous School — 8.5 ODS

4. Valued at School: 3.5 Previous School — 9.0 ODS

5. Recognition of Talent: 2.5 Previous School — 9.0 ODS

6. Motivation at School: 2.5 Previous School — 8.5 ODS

7. Sense of Belonging: 4.0 Previous School — 9.0 ODS

8. Self-Esteem: 5.0 Previous School — 8.0 ODS

9. Personal Growth: 4.5 Previous School — 9.0 ODS

10. Explore your Passions: 2.5 Previous School — 9.5 ODS

We are now opening our first Full-time Program, Afternoon Programs and Summer Camps in the 1.200 m2 Barcelona Learning Innovation Center (C/ de Enrique Granados 7).

We invite learners from 10 onwards to participate in a new purpose-inspired learning adventure based on their personal passions. Together with a group of world renown learning experts they embark on an experiential journey. They explore new strengths, interests, tackle real-life challenges and will receive outcome based recognition. 25 New learning methodologies will foster the self-awareness of each child. They will learn core competences to prepare for a rapidly changing future and engage with the professional community to understand how to thrive in life.

If you´d like to know more, come by our OPEN HOUSE on the 21.06.18!

Please share this if you know of any child in your family or friends cycle that would love to learn in a different way and would enjoy this unique opportunity.

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