All About Us and OurFavBox

OurFavBox tells the story of unboxing and experience with specific subscription boxes, we focus on subscription boxes for kids & toddlers as well as parents. Healey and Libby, sisters, open these magical boxes and tell you all about them.

Eliad, me and the girls

About Me

My name is Osnat. I’m a wife, mother, work junky, Israeli who moved to NYC, product creator and well, not necessarily in this order. I just recently started hearing more and more about subscription boxes, my world knew only about BirchBox but then I started stumbling upon more and more options. You know when you are pregnant and suddenly everyone is pregnant around you? that’s how I started hearing about more and more boxes for kids, for hobbies or hubbies and simply got hooked.

Its kind of a present that sometimes you know what’s inside and sometimes you don’t…

So I decided to start my journey with subscription boxes, and as a product creator hope that these box makers will read my review, find it helpful and create better products so… ready? let’s start looking for our favorite box.

We post here but most of the action is on You really have to come and visit!

About the girls (in almost their own words)

Healey (Left) and Libby (Right)
My name is Healey. I’m 7. I moved with my family a year ago from Israel and I live in NY today. I also have a dog, her name is Carla. I have a small sister her name is Libby and she is 4.
I like arts and crafts, I also like to bake with my mom and every movie on earth probably.
I’m really good with math, memory games and arts and I also like to invent stuff. I have a lot of ideas and my mom says they are great some already exist and some don’t. When I grow up I want to build stuff, like my grandfather.
We love getting boxes. Mom gets those for us and its always a surprise! We also love making videos and watch ourselves afterwards and laugh.
My name is Libby, I’m 4, I go to Pre-K and I’m also Healey’s sister. We live in America but we are from Israel. I love Healey and my mom and dad. When I grow up I want to be a princess and a doctor. I love to dance and sing, dress-up and my friend Lia and my Pre-k teachers.

Last but not least, had to share The Minions attack on our site :-)