Kiwi Crate Subscription, It’s a Kind of Magic

The girls are fascinated with magic. Every kid is, right? We got “Ideal My Magic Show Box” game and it’s a huge success. Every guest coming to our place, gets a show. So when Libby got the Magic-theme from Kiwi Crate, it was a super exciting afternoon.

The Short…

Kiwi Crate is targeted to ages 5–8, its $19.95/month or cheaper with longer subscription commitment.

We’ve covered them before, it’s a great box and their offering is consistently good.

The Long…

It’s magic! We literally spent over three hours playing with this box, not because it had more stuff than the usual, but just because it was pure fun. And while you always wonder “how do they do that?” it was fun to learn some tricks.

Kiwi Crate Instruction Booklet | OurFavBox Review

Kiwi Crate Unboxing | OurFavBox Review

Kiwi Crate Instructions Book| Very Easy to Follow Instructions

Kiwi Crate is a theme box, every month it has a different theme that is age appropriate and with it comes several arts and crafts (sometime on the verge of science), with everything you need: paint, colors, glue or even scissors or wool or wood chip. Really everything. It comes with a magazine with easy to follow instructions (with drawings and step by step how-to), making it easy for the girls to read.

So the Magic Kiwi Crate box came with: paper, cups, confetti, cloth, glue, stickers, cardboard, markers and more all to make 3 magic tricks and of course a magic wand.

The instruction book explained all about static electricity and electric charge in a fun way, providing examples like a sock in the dryer and a balloon sticking to a sweater and then we practices with two great tricks.

The girls learnt about the tricks of magic with a coin magic, about science with two different tricks, colored and painted with a box trick and lastly learnt about illusions with a final trick. We laughed a lot, had plenty of bloopers when magic didn’t work as planned and the girls also learnt a lot on the way. It was such a fun filled afternoon.

Here are some pictures:

That’s an illusion if I see one drawing from one side and another when I look at it from another side

Libby the magician practices a trick she just learnt

When tricks don’t work that’s funny

Kiwi Crate | Creating the Black Box

Healey follows the instructions for the first magic trick

Kiwi Crate comes with more options for both younger and older ages and is highly recommended. Take a look at their blog or subscribe to their newsletters, there’s always nice ideas for DIY projects for kids.


Originally published at on April 17, 2016.