Medium, please fix your product

Ouriel Ohayon
3 min readSep 24, 2017


I have been blogging since the birth of blogs. I tried so many platforms typepad, wordpress, tumblr….I finally settled for Medium. I like the combination of in browser rich editor-as-you-write and community effect. But some elementary aspects of their product is so upsetting and leads me to doubt whether the product team is really using their own product.

Here is a list.

This is Medium homepage in logged in version? Where is the most important button for a writer? It’s gone

Ah, it’s placed in the dropped down menu, and called bizarrely “New Story”. Please call this “Write a story

It is incredibly hard to find the stories i already wrote. Why? Because medium mixes comments and posts altogether and does not separate both. There is no reason they should do it. Right now it is faster to google my name and the title of the story that to look for it in Medium

The irony is that you do that already pretty well in the stats section

Comments, the worse part

The worse part of Medium is the comment section. It is as if Medium does not want you to read/comment a story

It is really hard to find (you need scroll down below the suggested stories)

When you find it you need to click on “Show all responses” (why an extra click if i scrolled all the way)

Answering comments is so difficult: you first have to click on it individually

Then scroll all the way down. below the suggested stories!

On Mobile you even have the very “cryptic” — out of network responses (how do they come up with that impossible name)

Then write your comment. And then click 3 times back to get back to the original story.

Please build a decent commenting system, or buy Disqus or whatever.

And while we’re at it display the number of comments

Sorry medium

I am sorry Medium. your product is broken. You can’t pretend to be a leading blogging platform, making it hard for writers to find the only button they need to get started and making it hard or discouraging for readers to want to comments or read comments.

There is no reason for ignoring this. Unless you don’t use your own product.



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