Our last stop — China. When looking around for what was the cheapest most direct flight home, Shanghai was our pick. It works out too that they now offer transit visas for up to 144 hours so we were able to stay in the city for a few days to explore.

This was perfect for Maeghan — after she visited in 2009, they announced the launch of a new Disney World and she had a goal to visit them all. …

After WWII, Korea was divided in two: the Russian occupied North Korea created a communist government, and the USA-occupied South Korea moved to a new democratic government. As the country started to develop, tensions began to rise and the Korean war began that further separated this single country into two very different and opposing sides.

Years later, with the help of the United Nations Command, Korea tried to unite the two governments and bring peace. …

Maeghan missed an opportunity to visit Korea while working at Intel but she had heard from partners at Samsung how special this place is. We decided last minute to take a chance and head to Seoul for 10 days and we are both so grateful we did… move over Tokyo, Seoul may have dethroned you as our new favorite capital.

There are lots of interesting things we learned here.

  1. In just the last 60 years, the country went from mostly farmers and being one of the poorest countries in the world, to today one of the top 15 economic and prospering developed countries. …


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