Introducing App Organizer

A Guide to Using OurPact’s App Organizer Solution

Say Goodbye to Scrambled Apps, and Hello to an Organized Device Screen!

What’s App Organizer?

App Organizer is OurPact’s solution for that pesky, pain-in-the-butt issue that comes up when iOS child devices come out of a blocked state: apps reappear in alphabetical order, and out of their folders. 📂

How Do I Get App Organizer?

OurPact’s App Organizer is available for users subscribed to OurPact’s Premium tier, through OurPact Jr.

After upgrading your account to OurPact Premium, navigate to on a computer, and follow the instructions to install Premium management onto your iOS child devices.

App Organizer can be found at the top of your child’s OurPact Jr. dashboard.

Once setup is complete and OurPact Jr. is updated on your child’s device, an icon will appear in the upper part of your child’s screen, with two arrows and squares (next to the clock symbol).

You can see this icon highlighted in the image to the left ← (… or above ^ if you are reading on a mobile device!).

Why Can’t I Use App Organizer on the Free or Plus Tier?

We truly wish we could share this fix with all of our users! Our #1 goal is (and always has been!) to make every user’s experience with OurPact as enjoyable as possible. That said, it isn’t possible from a technical perspective to prevent this issue without Premium management installed on the device…

OurPact employs two different types of management: one for OurPact’s Free/Plus tiers, and two for OurPact Premium. The additional management that you install onto your child’s iOS device to unlock Premium features (Screen Time Allowances/Daily Limits, Location Monitoring, Selective App Blocking, App Lists) is what enables us to prevent scrambling with our App Organizer.

How Does App Organizer Work?

Your child will be the one to use our App Organizer, from within OurPact Jr. installed on their child iOS device.

After completing Premium setup (or updating OurPact Jr., if you’re already set up to Premium), have your child follow these steps:

App Organizer works just like your iOS home screen!
  1. Launch OurPact Jr.
  2. Select the App Organizer icon from the top dashboard (2 squares and 2 arrows — as highlighted in the image above!)
  3. Turn ON the App Organizer by using the toggle in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Hold down the apps you wish to organize and drag and drop them into place, just as you would on your iOS home screen.
  5. Select ‘SAVE’ in the upper Left corner when finished.


Docks contain the four applications that are always available at the bottom of your device screen for easy access.


To organize apps into folders, drag and hold the app you wish to create the folder for over another app. The folder will appear and allow you to continue to drag other apps into that folder.

Important Points:

  • Your child can’t delete applications with App Organizer enabled. To delete apps, your child will need toggle OFF App Organizer, then return to their device homepage, and delete the app.
  • When App Organizer is turned OFF, apps will scramble. Once it is turned back ON, the apps will go back to their organized locations.
  • If a new application is installed, it will go at the end of all the other apps, on the final screen. Give OurPact Jr. a bit of time to recognize that this new app has been installed, and then move it to it’s preferred location in App Organizer.

If you have any questions about App Organizer, please contact We’re always here to help!