OurPact Screen Time Allowance

An Illustrated Guide to Using OurPact’s Screen Time Allowance

Sep 16, 2017 · 5 min read

How would you feel if we told you allowance doesn’t need to come out of your wallet anymore?

Lucky for you, it doesn’t. 😉

One of OurPact’s most popular features is what we call the Screen Time Allowance, allowing parents to establish daily screen time limits for kids and teens to budget independently throughout the day.

This means hands-off management for you, more responsibility for your children, and free incentives at-a-touch. Talk about a win-win-win.

What is OurPact’s Screen Time Allowance?

Screen Time Allowance is an OurPact Premium feature that allows parents to define a daily screen time limit, which kids and teens then manage independently.

Allowance is a great way to encourage kids to become conscious participants in their screen time habits, while giving parents the ultimate say.

How To Create Screen Time Allowances

  1. Upgrade to OurPact Premium from the menu within your parent app.
  2. If you have iOS child devices, navigate to ut.ourpact.com on a computer and follow the steps. (Android child devices will upgrade automatically.)
  3. Once your child devices are paired, navigate to your children’s profiles in OurPact, and tap the Allowance tab — it looks like an hourglass: ⌛️.
  4. Toggle Allowance ON.
  5. Define allowances for each day of the week (eg. 2 hour/day Monday-Friday, 3 hours/day Saturday & Sunday).
  6. Follow these steps for each of your individual child profiles.

Then, your child will be able to manage their allowance time by following these steps:

  1. Your child will open OurPact Jr. on their managed device.
  2. On their dashboard, it will show if a schedule or manual block is active, and when that block is set to expire.
  3. Press the play icon, and the device will unlock.
  4. Your child will go into OurPact Jr to pause their time (to save more for later!), or the allowance time will run out and your child’s device will block.

*You will see in your parent dashboard if Allowance is currently in play/pause mode, and how much time is remaining for the day.

OurPact Allowance, Illustrated

Bedtime Schedule: 9PM — 6AM, 7 days a week.

Daily Allowance Time: 2.5 Hours

9PM: Bedtime schedule kicks in automatically, and remains in effect until 6AM. During this time, the device is blocked and allowance cannot be used to unblock apps.

6AM: Bedtime schedule ends. The device remains in a blocked state, but allowance can now be ‘played’ from within OurPact Jr.

12–1:30PM: Child chooses to play allowance time in OurPact Jr. to unblock their apps.

1:30PM: Child pauses allowance in OurPact Jr. to save the rest of their time for later in the day.

1:30PM-5PM: Allowance is in PAUSED state. The device is blocked, and 1.5 hours of allowance is still available for the day.

5PM: Child PLAYS allowance time to unlock their apps.

5:30PM: Parent sends a 1.5 hour MANUAL block to the child device for family dinner. This automatically blocks the device, and pauses the child’s allowance time.

7 PM: Manual block command expires. The device remains blocked (allowance is in ‘paused’ mode). Allowance time can be used again.

7:30PM: Child plays allowance time in OurPact Jr. to use their remaining half hour of allowance time before bed.

8PM: Allowance time depletes, the child device blocks. The device will remain in a blocked state unless parent extends allowance time, or sends a timed GRANT command from the parent app.

9PM: Bedtime schedule kicks in. The next morning, when the bedtime schedule ends, allowance for the next day will be refreshed.

Things You Need to Know About Allowance

  • If Allowance is enabled, your child’s device will be in a blocked state at all times by default. The only way the device will unblock is if allowance is played from within OurPact Jr. (This means if a schedule ends, the device will remain in a blocked state, but allowance time can be ‘played’!)
  • Allowance cannot be used if a manual or schedule block is active.
  • Parents can unlock child devices using the GRANT feature; this will give the child access without counting towards allowance time. (Just be careful not to grant access ‘Until I Say So’ and forget!)
  • Parents cannot manage their children’s allowance time, only adjust the daily time limits from within OurPact.
  • An internet connection is required on your child’s device in order to play/pause allowance time. This is important to keep in mind on WiFi-only devices!
  • Allowance will not pause automatically if the device is locked or inactive. Your child must pause allowance, otherwise their time will run out!
  • Allowance can be tracked across multiple devices, if the devices are assigned to the same child profile.
  • Different allowances can be set for different child profiles, allowing you to give additional time to teens, and stricter limits for younger kids.

Allowance in Action:

Allowance is a great way to encourage responsibility, independence, and to reward good behavior. Use allowance as an incentive for the completion of chores, and to save peace of mind (no more back-and-forth arguments about screen time!).

A one week free trial is available to try out OurPact Premium, if you haven’t done so already! Simply sign up at www.ourpact.com, or in our iOS or Android OurPact parent apps.

If you have questions, please contact support@ourpact.com. We’re here to help!

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