​Today America stands as the most powerful country on Earth, and the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. Despite the nations wealth America is the only country industrialized to not guarantee Health Care to all of its citizens. Even worse the republican-controlled government plans on repealing the Affordable Care Act. This will balloon the deficit while causing 30 million people to lose their health isurance coverage.

On top of all of this republicans are now pushing to privatize medicare. Unfortunately for the Republicans medicare is the most popular health insurance program in America. It is a single-payer system, which means there is no profit motive to screw people over just to make a buck. Privatizing Medicare would change that, it would replace the Single Payer system with a voucher system, which would give recipients a limited amount of medical services that would be covered. Meaning that if you had a serious illness such as cancer you would now be on the hook to pay for all of the treatment.

The reasoning behind privatizing Medicare to give even more money to immoral insurance companies. Medical insurance should not being ran under the profit motive.
The other thing republicans would love to do is privatize Social Security. This has no benefit whatsoever for the people playing into Social Security. Instead privatization would take the two trillion dollar Surplus and give it to Big Bank to manage. This means that they could take the money gamble with it and if they lose taxpayers are the ones on the hook not the bank.
Of course both of these will be under the claim both intended to save medicare and Social Security. This is far from the truth because what security has a 2 trillion dollar Surplus and if they would just lift the cap social Security would remain solvent into the distant future. On the other hand medicare actually it’s the most efficient healthcare provider in the United States. This is because medicare it ran under the profit motive, instead it is intended to help patients instead.
Republicans have had a long dream of privatizing pretty and Medicare. So wish to disband the affordable Care Act which would balloon the deficit that they say they care about so much. This couldn’t be further from the truth Republicans have never cared about the budget deficit at least they haven’t since dwight D Eisenhower the last republican to balance the budget.

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