It is beyond evident, from the 1st night of the 2nd debate, that several of the Corporate Democratic candidates have a beef against Medicare for All. They say it’s political suicide.

To paraphrase Bernie: THEY’RE WRONG.

82% of Democrats, 66% of Independents, 52% of Republicans, and a grand total of 70% of Americans support Medicare for All.

Excellent news! Yesterday morning, Rep. Lloyd Doggett joined the chorus of Congressional Texans supporting Medicare for All! More movement for healthcare justice grows by the day. Here is what Rep. Doggett had to say:

“Our great Nation should not have millions of citizens without health coverage. For months, I have worked with those developing the Medicare for All legislation. I am pleased that it fully incorporates my bill to lower prescription drug prices through ending monopoly pricing.

A Medicare for All system would begin by making Medicare more comprehensive for those who already rely upon it. After eight years of obstructionism and Republican Nothingcare, we must move expeditiously to achieve universal coverage. …

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Did you hear the news? 34 of our local &/or state endorsed candidates WON THEIR RACES! That means the success rate for our locally &/or state endorsed candidates was 50%. Every victory counts and every win makes a difference. Our soon-to-be-officials will make a difference. Of course, none of these victories would have been possible without your support. See a complete list of our victories here.

A YUUUGE shout out to all of our friends who had the courage to throw their hats in the ring, to their staffers, and their volunteers. Y’all fought an amazing fight, pushed our movement to new heights, and we are without a doubt stronger because of your dedication. Y’all are truly inspirational. To the candidates, as Bernie and Senator Turner have said: campaigns end, but revolutions endure. …


Our Revolution Texas

A progressive populist movement fighting for Medicare 4 All, free college, $15/hr minimum wage, restoring unions, fighting inequality, striving for justice

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