How Family Trees Are Changing With The Touch Of A Rose!

An Eight Week Journey In London Real’s Business Accelerator Program

I came across London Real just days after being laid off from my last corporate job, where I managed teams in customer support, quality assurance and training for a global travel company. I was doing research on business ventures and investments, and found a YouTube video that caught my attention. Little did I know that this introduction through a media platform would be the beginning of a life changing journey!

Pulling The Trigger — After finding London Real I signed up for a free webinar on how to build your own business, where Brian Rose explained the step by process he had created to help you turn your passion into a profitable business. He spoke about Leading with Reward, Minimum Viable Products and Intellectual Property. He then offered an 8 week course that would take you from your Current Reality to your Desired Reality.

I continued to research about London Real and Brian for a few days. What I found was a top notch business that had been built from the ground up by a human being who had been in a similar state than me years before. So with My Reality the way it was, a Burning Passion inside, and a Desired Reality of better things for my family by Adding Value to other people’s lives; I Pulled The Trigger! I made the eight week time and financial commitment (after all, there was a money back guarantee!).

Discovery And Resistance — During the eight week journey, Brian taught, demanded and held everyone on the course accountable for every aspect of the demanding process. Yes, he was there every step of the way; not holding your hand, but pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Brian allows all the individuals in the Business Accelerator Program to Discover their points of Resistance and push right through them by embracing tasks and challenges.

Resistance is present in many ways, and a lot of times it’s brought forth by oneself. In this life changing experience you learn to recognize them and not allow them to stop you from building a profitable business.

Providing Value With Every Product — one of the biggest lessons you will learn is how to provide value with every product you create. Whether you provide a Free Product or a Backend Product; you must always add value to your audience. This will always keep your True Fans happy and coming back to you for more!

Touched By A Rose — I know that coming across Brian and London Real was no pure coincidence. My Affirmations have brought me to this incredible experience and I know that the journey is just beginning! I have launched a business with an ecosystem that adds value to this world and have met incredible people whom I will partner up with in future ventures to continue to add value.

Most importantly, due to all the Value Added in this eight week journey, my Family Tree will never be the same.

All Made Possible With The Touch Of A Rose!