Beautiful Crystal Shoes — Walking Down the Aisle in Style

You don’t have to be a Hollywood star or performer to wear these gorgeous Crystal shoes, although you will surely feel like one, when you wear them. All types of shoes are now embellished with crystals, from high-heeled stilettos, sandals, flats, wedges and there are even crystal boots for that added big, bold fashion statement.


Most crystal flats and sandals can be worn to any casual or semi-formal events or if you’re having a simple gathering with friends. If you want that added ‘oomph’ to your outfit, you can also wear crystal boots. These boots are not necessarily just statement pieces to accentuate your outfit; they can actually be very flexible, depending on the crystal embellishments.


There are some casual boots that are simply lined with crystal studs on the rim. These are crystal boots that you can basically wear even with any casual attire. Just remember to wear your pants or skirt or shorts above the rim of your boots to show off those pretty crystals. Stiletto crystal boots are also very flexible to wear, and can go with dresses during dinner parties for that added fun and flirty touch to those sexy booties, while more elaborate crystal boots can be a favorite fashion statement piece of the night at any party.


Crystal boots and shoes can be quite expensive, especially those that are made with premium Swarovski crystals. If you’re feeling creative and you have a pair of shoes to experiment with, you can try making your own crystal pair right now.

“Strassing” is the term used for ‘crystallizing’ a pair of shoes. They are actually very hard to do, but it takes a lot of work and can be very tedious. You need to make sure you use good materials, especially since you’ll be walking around in them. If you don’t have time and experience then is the best place to buy your gorgeous Crystal shoes especially if your budget is tight. 
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