Get fit quick? How about the truth?

Author: Johnny

So I’ve been in many conversations recently involving how to lose weight. How I did it. Obviously, the conversation is centred around my FitBit, gym, walking, food, calories and sustainability. What I realise while I’m speaking to everyone of these people is that this is all way too much to take in initially. It scares them off. When I started my journey Bec was there to say, “that is x amount of calories etc” or ask the question, “have you got 10,000 (steps) yet”. This is what ultimately made me lose the majority of my weight.

So is it that simple? Well that depends on what you are wanting to achieve. Can you get fit quick? Have some shakes and just shed kilos? Look good without going through pain to see the gain? Ask yourself these questions honestly — I think we are all smart enough to write that off and agree with general consensus that the answer is no. Nobody got rich over night — they worked for years and years before hand. We just hear about the best parts. In a way that’s why we are writing this blog. So you can see the effort and time it takes to get healthy and fit and live a confident life.

I want to say this hard and fast — there’s no quick way to lose weight and get fit. Even surgery is a journey if you are on the upper end of the scales. If you are looking at a quick way I really think that what you really need to do is focus on your goals. Your reason why. Why are you losing weight? Getting fit? Is that reason enough to stop you from eating that pizza on a Saturday night? Is it big enough to get you out of bed at 5:30am every morning? If it isn’t, maybe change your reason — write it down — make it something that you can see, then put it in places where you can see it (i.e. next to your alarm clock, on the mirror, on the fridge, next to your gym shoes).

Do I do all this — not at the moment no, but I think I’m past the point now of needing it. I don’t cave when it comes to going to the gym. I don’t cave when it comes to food (unless drinking, which I have reigned in recently), and when I look in the mirror now I’m super proud of my progress. I’ve done the hard work to know that I’ve signed up for a marathon and not a sprint and every day, week and month I’m seeing more and more improvements.

I jumped on the scales on Friday and I was the lightest I’ve been in a long time and I actually have muscle to bare at the same time. It’s an incredible feeling. Then I think back to when I started this and it’s coming up 6 months. 6 months to really change my body into something that I would classify as respectable for someone of my height, age and gender. I’m proud that I’m now normal. 6 months to get to (maybe a little bit more than) average. I’m the guy that I originally set out to want to be. Now I want to be a little bit more ripped and lose a little bit more weight but honestly, I won’t get shy when I take my shirt off anymore. I’ve earned that right over a 6 month period, in another 6 months I hope to be entirely happy with where I’m at.

So a year from fat to fit. If you want to sign up, be prepared for a slog — it isn’t easy — but I tell you what, it’s an absolutely amazing feeling and worth every minute of exercise and sacrifice I’ve made. That’s the truth!

NB: If you are a guy reading this I have a hot tip — do 10,000 steps a day and watch your calories of course, but on nights out instead of drinking beer — have Vodka Lime & Soda’s. You will wake up the next morning almost hangover free, you will consume far less calories (between 60–70 per drink), and you’ll still have a great time!

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Originally published at on January 26, 2016.

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