As Android developers, we tend to write about best practices, trending architectures, new libraries and so on, but we rarely find detailed articles about bugs despite of having them all the time ! Therefore, in this article I will focus on the problem-solving mindset behind resolving a mysterious bug that…

Gradle 5.0 has been released with lots of features and especially with the support of production-ready Kotlin DSL 🎉 In this article I’ll be sharing with you the process I’ve followed to migrate Gradle build scripts from Groovy to Kotlin DSL in one of my Android side projects, and also…

As any passionate Android developer, I was very excited for the annual Google I/O which covers new stuff from Google in the software and the hardware department. This year’s I/O added many new marks in the Android land — by many.. I mean a lot ! Let’s explore them 🙌

Oussama Hafferssas

Passionate Android Engineer @Capgemini

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