5 Things to Consider When Renovating a House

If you are planning to renovate the house in the near future, you should consider the dangers for your health. Because home renovation projects such as sanding, painting and drilling wood can cause harmful dust emissions, microscopic particles that can trigger asthma, heart disease, cancer, until developmental disorders and birth defects in children. To reduce exposure to toxins at home, you can listen to these 5 recommendations: mandala hanging blanket

Obtain the necessary permits

In order to do business, your home remodeling company certainly has a business license. Feel free to request a copy of the license to the contractor so you can make sure the project is safe to implement.

Protect yourself

If you choose to stay when the residence is renovated, make sure you and your family are protected. Use masks and goggles to avoid irritation. Suggest to contractors to wet the walls and other surfaces before renovation, to prevent harmful particles from flying. blue ceramic cabinet knobs

Let in some fresh air

Perform renovation projects with open ventilation and turn on the fan to keep the air circulation running properly. Before the renovation, you should also check the weather conditions. Summer is the best time to build or renovate a house. The air and the sun can accelerate the drying process of the materials used.

Go green

Choose paint and building materials that are lead free. Check the label on the product packaging that says that the building product is safe for humans and environmentally friendly. hanging wall art tapestry

Move out

If the renovation project includes the sanding, stripping, varnishing, and painting of the whole building, we recommend that you and your family move elsewhere temporarily.