“Although my plans were small, they seemed too big for my size. I will sell pencils and matchboxes on the streets and invest the money I earn in company shares. The scheme intrigued me and impressed me; I will use half my money for the poor. How and what would I do for them were questions whose answer kept changing and growing in my mind. I will build hospitals make a factory to train and employ poor and build a village for the handicapped. Start from the lowest rung and think big.”

Above-mentioned paragraph is about Edhi sb where he followed the principle of KHUDI and AMAL.

Even when he was not financially strong, he thought about charity. He listened his inner voice that he will spend life by helping others. He never waited for the time to have a huge amount to make his dream come true. He started even by selling pencils clothes etc. He emphasized to start from whatever available, but think big, because these big thoughts motivate you to take action, become passionate and accomplish your dream. Both big thinking and action will ultimately help a person to get success.

I am going on the same way I have big dreams, which keep me on track. I lack resources to continue my studies I helped my mother in managing my expenditure by starting tuitions and in Embroidery work which she do to add some money in monthly income. She was determined that what problem she had faced due to lack of education would not create hurdles in my life.

I want to quote an example from Edhi sb, as he said, “The strength of words lies in implementation, otherwise they are meaningless” when I read the lines I thought about me there are many things I never tried to implement. These lines become a source of motivation for me. I thought to implement these lines on my weaknesses.

There are certain things I afraid of doing previously, when I found any difficulty except facing I started escaping. I find difficulty in verbal communication skills. Sometimes I have the better ideas but fail to communicate it properly. The major barrier to my effective communication skills is English language. Whenever I tried to speak English the fear of “what others will say if I pronounce some words wrong, they might be laugh at me”etc. I started not to answer certain questions because of that fear.

Then after reading Edhi sb, I thought to start from small. Try to improve my skill because if I will not do it, nobody can do it for me. I made a goal and categorized some tasks to accomplish that goal.

Goal: improve Verbal communication skills

Task 1: Learn 10 new English words daily.

Task 2: Grammar and tenses practice.

Task 3: Started to reply texts in English and ask other person for correction where I am wrong. Where applicable I start use of those words that I learned the same day. In addition, I started English books reading.

completing tasks

Challenges I faced during completing my tasks is time shortage. I want to spend more time on this activity. Hoping for better results from this activity.

The thing I learned from this activity that nothing is impossible, it only requires hard work and dedication.

In Future, I will continue this activity to achieve my goal. I will also ask for help from my mentors in suggesting me the good reading stuff.