Keep Calm and Find A Mentor..

Successful people rely heavily on their mentors. Ordinary people don’t. It’s that simple. (Robert G. Allen)

What does mentoring someone mean?

We often use the word “mentor” without really thinking about what it means, so I searched from dictionary before writing this blog.

1) A wise, trusted counselor or teacher
 2) an influential, senior sponsor or supporter

Everyone has their own definition of the word and their own idea of what a mentor relationship means to them. The point I want to make is that mentoring consists of many different pieces help in day to day career questions, life choices, and workplace are some of the most common.

My parents are my mentors. Any person who taught me something valuable is my mentor. I respect all people but I am writing about a person who has great impact on the way where I am now. I want to share how he helped and guided me during this journey

My Cousin name Muhammad Nadeem is my mentor. He always supports me in different fields of life. I learned from him how to grow professionally and personally. At the time of Admission at university of Agriculture Faisalabad some were advising me to choose basic sciences others were saying you should choose Animal sciences. I was also confused among different universities. I contacted him and talk to him first time I need courage to explain my problem and ask for help. I told him the subject I like most and others where I applied. I was surprised to see within 30 minutes he was calling me again because he has selected the 1 better option for me.

His problem solving and decision making power helped me to trust on his skills. He gave a brief overview of my degree program. He told about the career plan and jobs at different places because he has completed his PhD University of Agriculture Faisalabad with major food Science and technology. I feel relax at that time and I was happy too because a professional and experienced person helped me to choose my subject of higher studies.

Before this I had a passion about MBBS, even after admission in HND I continued giving my most of the time to MCAT preparation and less to the University classes. Soon I start feeling fed up from the course and degree because my whole attention being catched by MBBS.

At that point I can’t forget his motivation and help as he came from Layyah to meet me and to help me in this regard. He portrayed various examples where the people who are not doctors but they are playing more important part in others life. He realized me that every person has specific place in this society, and all places to serve others are respectable either as a Doctor, Teacher, and Researcher.

After his counseling I started to participate in class activities. I started enjoying learning and I use to share different entrepreneurship ideas with him. He was really amazed and happy to see my satisfactory class performance.

I emailed him for meeting to build strong connection and communication.

I also want to be a great mentor like him in future and serve others by the experience and ideas I learned throughout my life.