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Feb 14, 2016 · 3 min read

Most users who buy rangefinders in Outdoors Bay online shop want to learn how this optical equipment works. This article is intended to clarify the basic principles of operation of such devices. Here you will find the general description of the rangefinder’s work, as well as information about the unique abilities of some modern models of this equipment.

General principles of rangefinders’ operating

First of all, it should be mentioned that the main purpose of rangefinder use is the measuring of distance from user to the target. This measuring is provided by “the time of flight”. This special unit means the time when the signal, which was sent by the equipment to its target, gets the necessary point, and having been reflected moves back to the rangefinder.

Such principle can be realized in various ways, and the main range finders fundamentals are based on it. There are three basic categories of the equipment which are based on the type of the signal. These categories are the sound, light, and laser rangefinders. Their main differences are the speed of measuring and the accuracy of calculations, and they pretend to be the rangefinders fundamentals.

It should be said that modern skilled specialists in geodesy, building, hunting, as well as military, navy and law enforcement officers use laser variety of equipment. So, when we try to answer the question “How do range finders work?” we mean laser rangefinder fundamentals. This category is the best one due to every feature. Measurement principles of rangefinders of the laser type are based on the unique qualities of these rays.

Laser range finder fundamentals are based on sub-nanosecond timing circuitry. This is the fastest technology that has ever been invented. Moreover, when we try to answer the question “How do laser rangefinders work?” we should point out some other additional features of these devices. For example, some models of equipment manufactured by Leica, Luna Optics, Leupold, Gunwerks, and other famous optics producers, can transfer the calculation up to the remote server by wireless internet connection.

The most effective rangefinders measurement principle for today is interferometry. With its help users can measure both the purest distance to the object or the target’s size, shape and some other qualities. This fundamental of rangefinders is based on the combination of two and more laser rays operating. It should also be pointed out that the price of the equipment is, first of all, connected with its effect and with the number of functions.

If you need additional information about the fundamental of range finders ask the Outdoors Bay support managers. Their assistance is available any time you need. They will explain the specialty of the devices, and if it is necessary they will help you to choose the most suitable model of rangefinder according to your abilities and interests. Moreover, you will get the necessary instruction on the equipment use and service.

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