Night vision goggles: ways of classification and usage directions

Modern night vision goggles are of the greatest demand among the representatives of different social groups. The section of Outdoors Bay where these devices are sold is one of the most visited, and the number of customers who prefers this kind of optics is growing fast. This article will help you to discover the principles of the equipment classification, the abilities of its usage, and of some other attributes which you should notice while choosing night vision goggles on this page

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Classification principles for night vision goggles: unlimited choice for anyone

There are some different features which help manufacturers to classify night vision goggles. The most popular of them are described in this article. They are based on such attributes, as:

· Eyepieces number;

· Generation according to international standard;

· Ways of application.

Any of these features can be used by the customers while choosing the best model of night vision goggles according to their needs and abilities. Here is the short description of each classification way mentioned above.

Eyepieces number

When we speak about goggles of different types, most of us usually thinks about classical devices with twin eyepieces for both eyes. But in fact, manufacturers of night vision goggles use different variants of models. So, each customer, who is visiting Outdoors Bay, may buy either twin eyepieces night vision goggles…

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…or the single ones.

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There are some different types of international night vision goggles classification according to their optical and technical features. But the most popular among them divides the equipment into the following generations (groups):

  • Gen I. Being the cheapest and the easiest in use, the night vision goggles of this category have one serious disadvantage. The image they provide is clear in the center of focus only. The picture in sides is blurred, so the devices of this generation mostly used with infrared light.
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  • Gen I+. This category is seriously improved in its optical abilities comparatively with the previous group. Devices of the generation I+ provide perfect vision quality of the whole picture, but their price is two or more times higher.
  • Gen II. Night vision goggles of the second generation are designed mostly for Military and Law enforcement services. These devices provide the highest vision quality from different point of view. Of course, their average price is 5–10 times higher than the price for the equipment from previous categories, but if your financial abilities let you buy one of such models, you will easily understand its value.
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  • Gen III. This is the highly professional optics for special application. Such unique equipment provides vision without any outside light. The models are quite expensive, and they mostly used in Military or Civil aviation.
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Ways of application

This category is directly connected with both previous types of classification. According to their technical and optical features night vision goggles can be used by Military and Navy services, or by Law enforcement and Security. For these spheres the equipment of the Gen II is more preferable.

Military aviation is always equipped with the best night vision goggles

As for the hunting, fishing, tourism, and gaming, the cheaper and easier in use models are the best choice.

View of the night river through the night vision goggles

Outdoors Bay managers are always ready to help everyone who is looking for the best night vision goggles model according to any application. Just visit the online shop, and you will find the widest range of such an equipment of different generations. It should be mentioned that not all the models are permitted for export from the US territory.

Night vision goggles for any human being…and more!

But if you like one, and you place is in other countries, skilled specialists will do their best for choosing the equal models which are not restricted in their sales by law. Make your right choice, and you will realize all the advantages of these perfect optical devices!

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