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6 min readJul 8, 2024


This September, we’re happy to collaborate with Ladies that UX Lisbon for an OutGeekWomen in Tech event right in the heart of the city. Imagine this: brief tech pitches, opportunities to make new connections, insights into Lisbon job market, voting for the best tech pitch all while enjoying delicious appetizers, drinks, and endless networking. On top of that, Ladies that UX team will warmly welcome you and share how their community has grown since 2014!

Curious about Ladies that UX and their Lisbon chapter? Check out our blog post. And don’t forget to secure your spot by joining our waiting list on — we can’t wait to see you there!

Thank you, Ladies that UX Lisbon, for partnering with us for the upcoming OutGeekWomen x Lisbon event! Founded in 2014, your team has spent the last decade championing diversity and inclusivity within the tech industry. Over these 10 years, how has the community of women in tech in Lisbon evolved and grown?

Ladies that UX Lisbon was founded in 2014 by Isabel Novais Machado, who led the group with passion and dedication until 2022. In a significant transition, she joined forces with Madalena Costa, who took the reins in 2023 and later invited Julia Cipolat to co-lead, ensuring the community continued to thrive and evolve.

This remarkable journey and the success of Ladies that UX Lisbon wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable contribution of our amazing organizers. These dedicated women work tirelessly to bring together inspiring ladies from around the world, as well as those within Portugal, to share their expertise and experiences with our community. Their efforts ensure that our events, meetups, and workshops are not only possible but also impactful. We are immensely grateful for their dedication and for the community of women who continuously enrich our gatherings with diverse perspectives and profound insights. Their collective contributions are the backbone of our thriving landscape, moving us forward as we continue to support and celebrate women in technology.

Since our beginning, we’ve witnessed an incredible transformation in the local tech landscape. Our community has grown to over 500 active members on WhatsApp, supported by a strong following on LinkedIn and Instagram. This expansion reflects the growing interest and participation of women in user experience design, highlighting our pivotal role in nurturing this talent. Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity has fueled this growth, empowering women to step forward, share their expertise, and confidently assume leadership roles within the tech industry. The supportive network we’ve cultivated extends its impact beyond individual successes; it fosters a culture of collaboration, mentorship, and continuous learning.

Reflecting on our journey, which included casual meetups before the pandemic and a strategic pivot during the 2020 health crisis, we resumed with full force in 2022 with an array of structured engagements. As we look forward to the future, Ladies that UX Lisbon remains dedicated to broadening our outreach and deepening the impact of our initiatives. We are thrilled about the opportunities our collaboration with OutGeekWomen x Lisbon presents, and we continue to champion the role of women in shaping the future of technology.

Your mission to create a nurturing environment for women to advance their careers, share knowledge, and connect with a supportive network is truly inspiring. Could you share more about the specific initiatives and programs you offer to achieve this goal?

Over the years, Ladies that UX Lisbon has significantly broadened its impact through a variety of initiatives. We organize workshops, webinars, and events, and have established partnerships with esteemed communities, educational institutions, and prominent tech companies like Cofidis, Bliss Applications, Tangível, Hyphen, and many more. These collaborations enrich our offerings and extend our reach within the tech industry.

We engage with our community regularly, hosting weekly in-person casual meetups that provide a platform for professionals and aspiring UX designers to connect and share insights. One of our key initiatives is our commitment to digital accessibility, which we promote through dedicated workshops throughout the year.

Our flagship Mentoring Program stands out as a cornerstone of our efforts. It is designed to support women in tech by fostering growth, encouraging connections, and enhancing their contribution to the community. More than 70% of mentees have successfully secured jobs or promotions after completing the program, underscoring its effectiveness. Additionally, we collaborate with over 10 partners who support us by providing speakers, complimentary event access, discounts, venues, and even catering for our events.

This multifaceted approach ensures that Ladies that UX Lisbon offers a nurturing environment for women to advance their careers and also serves as a vibrant hub for knowledge sharing and networking within the tech community.

With many chapters of Ladies that UX around the world, what makes the Lisbon chapter unique? What are the defining characteristics and achievements that set it apart?

Ladies that UX Lisbon distinguishes itself as one of the most active chapters globally. Our level of activity is evident in our frequent social media updates and the fully scheduled events throughout the years. We hold regular in-person weekly meetings that foster ongoing engagement and community building among our members. Additionally, we organize one to two larger events each month and attend at least two to three more partner events with the ladies from the community.

This vibrant activity is anchored by our commitment to creating a supportive and enriching environment for women in UX. Our events range from in-person events and workshops and online webinars and workshops to networking gatherings and speaker series, each designed to provide valuable learning opportunities and professional growth.

Does your organization exclusively engage with professionals in the UI/UX and design fields, or do you take a more holistic approach to include a wider range of disciplines within the tech industry?

We are primarily focused on the UX/UI and product design fields, welcoming a broad community that includes designers, developers, product managers, and product owners. In addition to our dedicated focus, we actively engage in fostering cross-disciplinary understanding and collaboration within the tech industry. Our initiatives are designed to bridge the gap between different tech fields, allowing professionals from various fields to gain insights into each other’s work. This approach not only enhances mutual understanding but also drives better outcomes in collaborative projects. By creating an environment where diverse tech professionals can collaborate and understand each other’s roles, we aim to improve innovation and efficiency across the board, ensuring that every member can benefit from a holistic view of how various sectors of the industry interconnect.

What is the best way to become a member and get involved for those who are new and eager to join your community, attend your events, or volunteer?

Everyone can find updates about our community activities on our LinkedIn and Instagram. For even more details and all our links, save in your browser our linktree. If you want to know more or have any doubts, feel free to message our leaders or organizers. See you soon!

Thank you so much, team!

We’re really looking forward to this collaboration. If you’re reading this and are interested in joining our event, please join our waiting list here via!