eDreams ODIGEO to host DNI.Porto on October 13th

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3 min readSep 5, 2022

eDreams ODIGEO tech hub landed in Porto nearly a year ago, and since then it became a magnet for tech, hackathons and events, and fantastic happy hours. eDreams team believes that the city is its priority for growth, and rightfully so: with over 200 tech openings that need to be filled in the next 2 years, they’ve got plenty of work on their calendars.

This fall, we’re teaming up with eDreams for the DNI.Porto event that will be held on the evening of October 13th at their tech hub: there will be keynotes by decision-makers, speed interviews, food and drinks, and lots of energy— all on us and our host.

If you’re curious about eDreams and would like to meet their dev, product and data teams, please read the interview below + apply to join DNI.Porto via dni.events.

Careers with the eDreams ODIGEO team in Porto can be found here.

Please tell us about the eDreams ODIGEO Porto hub and its mission. How does it distinguish itself from other hubs such as one in Milan or Palma de Mallorca?

Porto is the main potential Hub for eDreams ODIGEO, being the headquarters in Portugal. We plan to hire 200 people in Portugal in the next 2 years (including Developers, Products, and different specialties). We have the freedom to test and experiment with new ways of working, and propose and set the path for the company in technology, culture, and people care.

In this location, we are growing heavily our Transport (Flight, Train, and bus) capabilities, as part of our cutting edge technology handling more than 105M searches every day.

Name three words that describe the atmosphere at eDreams hub in Porto.

Teamwork + Community +Amazing Environment!

What Does the Fox Say?

Your hub is nearly a year old. What’s its impact on the Porto tech community?

I think eDreams ODIGEO brought what was missing in the Porto tech community: the amazing and challenging travel industry! With this, for sure, we were also challenged by a very competitive tech market, and with the need to show Porto what eDreams ODIGEO is all about and that here people can have a good challenge, an amazing environment, and the opportunity to grow and to fly high!

An overview of your tech openings this autumn and the one you feel would be the most difficult to fill?

These are our key roles for Connectivity, the main area in Porto Hub:

Recruiting Lead Engineers and Java Senior Software Engineers is a bit difficult for us right now, and we look forward to meeting candidates to fill these roles at DNI.Porto, as well as at other events across Portugal.