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5 min readJul 5, 2024


This October, we’re partnering with Interone to host our inaugural 2024 session right in the vibrant heart of Düsseldorf. If you’re curious to learn more about Interone, be sure to dive into our latest blog post. And of course, don’t miss out on securing your spot by RSVPing on our landing page or Eventbrite here. See you there!

Thank you, Interone, for hosting OutGeek x Düsseldorf! As a Germany-based agency, your business focuses on developing creative solutions to facilitate deeper dialogue between people and brands. What is it like to serve as a bridge between humans and technology?

Oh hey there! At Interone, we thrive on working on meaningful projects that make a tangible impact, such as our collaboration with SOS Kinderdörfer. Our efforts on their website resulted in 105.3% higher conversions and significantly reduced cross-device abandonment rates from 87% to 52%. Similarly, our eGovernment projects, which involve process digitalization and funding platforms, have a profound influence on society.

We are the ideal partner for customers who want to leverage the digital world’s opportunities to their advantage. We ensure maximum added value at every step of the customer journey through a three-pronged approach: a data-driven mindset, user-centered methods, and a comprehensive test-and-learn framework. This methodology allows us to seamlessly integrate technology, experience, and creativity.

Our commitment is to create the best possible human experiences, measuring our success not only by our own standards but by the measurable results we achieve. We constantly stay at the forefront of technological advancements, including the latest developments in AI, to enhance our solutions and drive meaningful engagement between people and brands.

You are based in Munich, but you also have offices and are recruiting in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and naturally, Münich. What sets these offices apart, and why are they strategically located across Germany?

Our offices are strategically located in the heart of Germany’s major cities, each offering unique characteristics and advantages:

• Munich: Situated directly at the Viktualienmarkt, our Munich office embraces the vibrant local culture. We have the delightful Social Barista Bike that visits our office every Wednesday, offering delicious coffee and banana bread to our team, fostering a cozy and energizing atmosphere.

• Hamburg: Located directly on the Reeperbahn, our Hamburg office boasts conference rooms with spectacular views of the entire city. This setting provides an inspiring backdrop for creativity and innovation.

• Berlin: Our Berlin office is positioned right at Checkpoint Charlie. Though it is our smallest office, it is the fastest-growing, reflecting the dynamic and innovative spirit of the capital city.

• Düsseldorf: Positioned on the “Kö,” Düsseldorf’s famous shopping mile, this office benefits from its prestigious location and the lively business environment it offers.

By establishing offices in these major metropolitan areas, we can attract top talent and provide our teams with vibrant, collaborative spaces. Each office is led by a community lead who supports the needs and wishes of the local team members. They organize events, shared breaks, and non-work activities such as sports events or after-work gatherings, ensuring a strong community spirit. They also manage the office facilities, ensuring they reflect our corporate identity through various details. While our primary focus is on Germany, being part of the Omnicom agency network allows us to collaborate with agencies worldwide. This global network provides us with occasional opportunities to engage in international projects, expanding our reach and influence beyond Germany.

Could you sum up the atmosphere at your Düsseldorf office in three words?

Community — culinary — nerdy!

What distinguishes working for Interone from other agencies in Düsseldorf or across other cities, and makes it such a rewarding experience?

We are constantly evolving as an agency, always on the lookout for new talents who are eager to grow with us. Whether it’s through engaging in customer projects, tackling challenges, or advancing in career development, we provide an environment that fosters both professional and personal growth. Our culture is built on the foundation of close-knit teamwork. Agency life at Interone blends seamlessly with new and flexible work arrangements, ensuring that our employees can thrive in a modern, dynamic setting. We value openness, tolerance, and transparency, not just as buzzwords, but as core principles that guide our daily interactions and decision-making processes.

Together, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible digital solutions, all while nurturing a sustainable and progressive work environment. This commitment to excellence and modernity makes working at Interone not just a job, but a truly rewarding experience where your contributions are valued, and your potential is continually realized.

How does Interone support and contribute to women in the tech community in Germany?

In recent years, we’ve achieved significant progress, with 46% of our workforce now comprising talented female professionals. This milestone reflects our ongoing efforts to promote gender diversity within our teams. Additionally, we actively network and collaborate with an association exclusively dedicated to the topic of Women in Tech, further strengthening our support for this community.

Our initiatives are not just about increasing numbers; they are about fostering a culture where women can thrive, innovate, and lead. We provide opportunities for professional growth, create a supportive work environment, and maintain an open dialogue about the challenges and opportunities for women in tech. Furthermore, through the Omnicom network, we participate in a mentoring program specifically designed for women. This program pairs female employees with experienced mentors who offer guidance, support, and insights to help them advance their careers and navigate the tech industry. By combining these efforts, we ensure that Interone remains at the forefront of gender equality in the tech industry.

The advancement and support of women in tech is our core commitment. We are proud to have been recognized with the “Top Female Workplace Award” this year, highlighting our dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for women in the industry.

Could you provide an overview of the technical job openings at Interone offices for this summer and autumn? Which specific positions are you looking to fill during OutGeek x Dusseldorf in October?

This summer and autumn, we have several exciting technical job openings across our offices. Specifically, for our Düsseldorf location and our eGovernment Unit, we are actively seeking experienced Java developers who can contribute to our innovative projects and drive technological advancements. Additionally, we are looking to expand our quality assurance team with senior professionals who have a keen eye for detail and a passion for maintaining high standards in our deliverables.

As we are currently engaged in several major pitches, we anticipate new opportunities to emerge throughout the year, creating further openings for talented individuals. During OutGeekWomen x Düsseldorf in October, we are eager to connect with skilled professionals who are interested in these positions and more. We look forward to meeting potential candidates and discussing how they can become part of the interone team!

Thank you, Interone! Tickets for OutGeek Women in Tech x Düsseldorf are free, naturally, and can be found here. We can't wait to welcome women in tech and everyone to the event!