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4 min readFeb 19, 2024

This March, we’re teaming up with QualityMinds to host our very first 2024 session right in Munich! If you’d like to know more about QualityMinds, check out this blog post. And if you didn’t secure your spot for our OutGeekWomen x Munich, here’s where our RSVPs are:

Hello, QualityMinds! We extend a heartfelt thank you for hosting the OutGeekWomen event in Munich! As a young company, your team boasts over 300 experts in software testing, software development, IT architecture, and requirements engineering. What drives such remarkable growth?

Thank you, we’re very excited to host this event on the occasion of International Women’s Day and women in tech because it aligns with our commitment to diversity and inclusion! We are experts on quality assurance in comprehensive agile software development and testing and support our customers in their IT projects.

QualityMinds’ growth can be attributed to several key factors that have been an integral part of our development and expansion over time. These factors include a strong focus on quality assurance, a comprehensive approach to software development, an agile mindset, continuous learning, and a commitment to innovation and diversity. QualityMinds has established itself as a leader in quality assurance, significantly contributing to agile software development and testing. Our growth is driven by our expertise in providing customized QA services across different branches. Our management’s approach to decision-making, based on employee expertise and business diversification, has allowed us to overcome challenges and adapt to the evolving technological landscape.

In nurturing a culture of loyalty and support, how does openness empower your teams to overcome obstacles?

When obstacles arise, our culture of open communication empowers everyone to contribute their perspective and expertise, leading to more innovative problem solving and a team effort in overcoming these obstacles.

How does QualityMinds promote and support the inclusion of women in the tech industry? What initiatives or programs ensure equal opportunities?

From the start, we have focussed on finding the right minds, regardless of gender. Personality paired with good knowledge and passion for IT topics was always important to us. We have successfully achieved a high quota of women in our workforce, with women making up 50%.

We have reached this through the following measures, which promote the inclusion and support of women in the tech industry:

Creating Role Models: By showcasing successful women within our organization, such as Namrata Gurung, a member of our R&D crew, QualityMinds helps to create visible role models for other women in tech.

Supporting External Initiatives: We at QualityMinds support external initiatives and communities that empower women in tech, such as WomenHack, Meetups, or women’s networks. These events and communities focus on bringing diversity, equality, and inclusiveness into the tech industry, aligning with our values and efforts to support women. And Women in responsible positions inspire other women.

Flexible Work-time: We provide flexible work-time options fostering work-life balance, which is used by a lot of Minds — irrespective of one’s gender!

Can you describe the atmosphere at your office in three words?

Openness, Relaxed, and Cross-team-Collaboration.

What distinguishes the experience of working at QualityMinds from other companies?

We think that our commitment to continuous learning, and a strong sense of community helps us to tackle challenging consultancy projects. Two highlights from our daily work:

Cultural Values in Practice: The company’s culture is not static; it evolves through experimentation and a willingness to adopt new methods and tools, fostering an environment where employees are encouraged to question the status quo and contribute to shaping the QA world. True to our slogan: “High quality improves the world!”

Continuous Learning and Innovation: As a learner within the QualityMinds’ agile learning coaching framework, you can benefit from a learning approach that is highly personalized and self-driven. This means you have the autonomy to set your own learning goals, select the materials and formats that suit you best, and choose the environment in which you learn. Agile Learning Coaches are there to support you, offering guidance and helping you develop metacognitive skills that are crucial for self-directed learning. The emphasis on collaboration and shared learning experiences within the organization further enriches your learning journey and helps to become an innovative company.

We’re eager to learn about your current technology job openings for the spring and summer. Could you provide an overview?

QualityMinds currently has several job openings:

a. CloudOps Engineer (m/w/d) (Full-time, Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin, remote)

b. Fullstack Developer (m/w/d) (Full-time, Munich, Nuremberg, remote)

c. Software Architect (m/w/d) (Full-time, Munich, Nuremberg, remote)

d. Senior Frontend Developer (m/w/d) (Full-time, Munich, Nuremberg)

e. Senior DevOps Engineer (m/w/d) (Full-time, Nuremberg, Munich, Berlin, remote)

f. Senior Test Automation Engineer (m/w/d) (Full-time, Nuremberg, Munich, Berlin, remote)

The challenge is to find personalities with an agile mindset and suitable requirements, good language skills in combination with technical skills, on a senior level.

Visit: QualityMinds | Stellenangebote