Type of Good Foods for Arowana’s Health

Type of Good Foods for Arowana’s Health. The food is good arowana many kinds, but not all food is good for health arowana. Arowana food such as freshwater shrimp, a thousand fish, goldfish child, child catfish, frog, kelabangk, crickets and grasshoppers are generally highly preferred by arowana fish. Types of food such as fish and frogs can be beneficial to the growth of Arowana fish. While the body to beautify and brighten arowana fish food matching is a freshwater shrimp, centipedes, crickets and grasshoppers. But based on the experience of the hobbyists, not all types of food are good for arowana. For example, a thousand fish and baby fish cork can result in a broken tentacle arowana fish. Because both types of fish are very agile movement so the fish are not easy prey captured by arowana. Arowana fish will usually swim faster sometimes jump to catch it, so it is possible to hit the glass aquarium fish arowana and result in broken whiskers.

In addition to the two types of the fish, the food is not good for arowana is very popular shrimp shrimp although arowana fish. Because shrimp are usually located at the bottom of the aquarium, so arowana fish eyes always to the ghost down and if it is too often feared his arowana fish will develop strabismus. Puppies carp also not a good food for arowana fish, because it can be a carrier of the fungus white sopt, besides the loose scales will also make the aquarium water removing bad odor. Sometimes the question arises “really liked the arowana fish live food fresh, then what will happen if they are given when the food is already dead, whether arowana can be given a food pellet?”. If Arowana dead given food, usually if the food is not eaten will float on the surface of the water, this can lead to decreased quality of aquarium water. Fresh food that floats on water is usually preferred by arowana fish, such as centipedes, crickets, grasshoppers, and frogs. Arowana fish available to catch insects on the water in its natural habitat.

Food was provided in the form of food types that are on the surface of the water will be good for his health is not so easy to squint. Due to the nature of arowana fish prefer foods that are on the surface of the water and the food moving. While the food was to die will usually sink to the bottom of the aquarium and can contaminate water. If the arowana fish in an aquarium that is fed in the form of a frog or other animal that is dead will cause an unpleasant smell around the aquarium. If the feed eaten by arowana in a state of death is feared will cause stomach ailments. Types of artificial food like pellets unusual given for arowana fish. But these foods can be given because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals needed by arowana fish. But if the pellets are not eaten by arowana aquarium can lead to water becomes turbid. So first article about Type of Good Foods for Arowana Fish may be useful to you.

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