Outlook for Mac Email Backup With Mail Backup X

Create efficient Outlook for Mac email backups for your mailbox easily using the Mail Backup X

One of the most popular modes of communication in the current technological world is e-mail communication. That is the reason why you will find most people with multiple email accounts from different mail clients. Therefore, it is obvious just how disastrous it would be if the information contained in all these emails would get lost due to some mishap.

However, backing up email data is not as easy as it sounds. For instance Mac users looking to perform an effective backup for their Outlook for Mac account, you need a stable and efficient tool that can guarantee that all your emails are safe and also easily recoverable. Currently, there are only a few good Mac tools that can perform efficient Outlook for Mac backup and the Mail Backup X is the best of them all. With the Mail Backup X users get to backup all Outlook for Mac emails as well as emails from different mail applications that support IMAP email protocols. These are basically all popular mail clients such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Apple mail, Thunderbird, as well as the Office 365 for MAC just to mention a few.

With the Mail Backup X you can choose whether to backup Outlook Mac emails online or on an external USB device

The Mail Backup X is an awesome software since it gives users multiple options for ensuring the security of their emails. For example, you as the user have the freedom to choose whether to backup Outlook for Mac data online in a secure FTP server such as a Dropbox account or in a portable flash/hard drive. In order to start a backup on an external hard drive, all you have to do is setup the device once by creating the backup folder. The software will then map the location of this folder, meaning every other time in future, backups will start automatically when you connect your hard drive and the information in the backup folder will be encrypted.

Additionally, the Mail Backup X saves its Outlook Mac backup and archive files in PDF format, which helps in maintaining the original structure and content of all emails. The PDFs also make it easy to search and print any piece of data whenever the need arises.

Get yourself a copy of this powerful software today and you can rest easy knowing that all the important content in your email is safe.