Can agencies call their work really theirs?

An agency wins a project. They hire the best talent that’s out there. They complete the project on-time and to the client’s satisfaction. Now the talent they hired leaves. Taking along the glory and pride.

Can the agency now call the work their own? If they do, how much of it really belongs to them?

These questions are important because more freelancers are becoming ubiquitous now than ever. Talents are hired on project by project basis. Also, subsequent clients are won based on their previous work, which may have been completely done by someone who doesn’t work their anymore. The client is impressed by the work done by the agency and sign in expecting the same quality for their project. Is it right on the agency’s part to allow this to happen?

Ask me, I would say YES. THE GLORY AND THE RIGHT TO BOAST ABOUT IT BELONGS TO THE AGENCY ALONE. The talent merely clings to an opportunity presented by the effort of the client. It will and never be fully theirs to claim. If a talent works under someone’s banner, the work done by them is never theirs. They should always be courteous to the agency who chose them instead of someone else.

Yes. The agency is always bigger than the individual.

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