Work & Travel?

Current society norms are telling us the usual story — be a kid, get educated, find a good job, provide yourself some shelter, start a family, procreate, teach your kids the same lessons and then die. We are not telling that it is bad, it’s a cycle of life and it’s beautiful. But we, as people, should learn to ask ourselves an important question: “Are we doing stuff because we want to, or because we are supposed to?”. By asking this question, we slowly deviate from the preset path and this is how moving the society forward happens.

Lora and I were both always interested in travel, long before we met (and it has been 17 amazing years since we met). Travel is almost a purpose to itself. We have measurable gains from traveling, and the ideas we got while travelling shaped our lives into what it is now. And right now we have a small IT company, which we can luckily run remotely. This gives us freedom to do what we want, and what we want is — to travel.

We chose to work while travelling, because:
a) you can’t be on vacation all the time. You should work, take pride in what you do and work hard, while at it
b) you can find out more about life and yourself in certain places if you put some limitations on yourself, and having to deliver a days work every day puts you firmly on the ground

We consider ourselves lucky. Yes, it does take a bit of luck also, besides other stuff you need to undertake, to achieve the possibility to do what you want.

For every person who managed to achieve their goals, there are countless of others that were not able to, even when they tried really hard.

So, if you envy those who travel and wish you could do it, too, there is a way to do it, you just need to try your luck with it and we hope you will get inspired by our blog.

If you just like reading how other people travel, but you like doing other things more than travelling — then we hope you will enjoy reading our blog :)

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So many places to see.