How to escape the office lifestyle

You wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and walk out the door.

Get into the car and drive to work. On your way, you get stuck in traffic and look out the window of others who are in the same routine as you.

Once you get to work, you sit down at your desk and begin the day.

The hours go by and the day comes to an end.

You walk out of the office and get back in the car.

You see the others you saw that morning in the same traffic line and eventually make it home.

You park up outside your house, lock the car and unlock the front door. Once you walk in, you take off your shoes and go into the kitchen and make something to eat. You talk to your other half about how your day went, but ultimately, don’t have a lot to talk about.

Once the meal is over, you wash the dishes, dry them, put them away and then sit on the sofa and turn the TV on.

The rest of the evening is filled by watching a glowing box in the corner of the room and before you know it, it’s late and you want to go to sleep.

So you get up out of the sofa, walk upstairs, and go to sleep.

The following morning… EXACTLY the same thing happens again.

Days go by, months, even years, and not one thing in your life has changed. Yet, inside, you‘re frustrated that there‘s nothing else happening in your life, you feel as if you have no control.


Life doesn’t have to be this repetitive, especially if you’re one of many like myself who works in an office for someone else.

I just want you to remember this:

Just because that’s what you get paid for, doesn’t mean that’s what you live for.

The thing is, I enjoy the work I do, but I hate being stuck in an office all day. It’s not all there is to my life.

So in the hope that I will be able to help others break away from this soul sucking routine, I’m setting you a challenge.

It is to add 1 activity into your day. Such as picking up a hobby, learning a new skill, or starting going to the gym. Anything, just pick 1.

Whether it means you have to get up earlier or stop watching as much crap on the TV, then so be it.

The end result of this challenge is to show you that you don’t have to be stuck in the same routine everyday and that you can change it.

I will be writing about activities that will make you feel better about yourself and add a new level to your life in later posts.

But for now, pick 1 activity to break up your routine and let me know how you get on.

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