Eat Pray Love

I read a blog the other day about reading “Eat Pray love” and I felt anxious about reading the book myself. The impatience in me somehow plunged me into watching the movie as the book was not available. The movie was great, really great. Thank you, Elizabeth Gilbert for sharing this awesome experience. And three cheers to Julia for doing justice to the character. I mean I never ever gave a thought on my life with such a perspective. Well I have this urge to travel and learn about different places and different people, and so this movie is a replica of something that I had been dreaming of since a very long time.

Eat Pray Love has clarified a lot of mess going on in my head. And it has somehow enlightened me with some of these really important realizations of life. And ta-dah! Here I come to some so fundamental solutions to transform your life.

Travel somewhere. Explore a different city

We get so busy surviving that we lose the taste of living.

We forget that we have the appetite of exploring, traveling and expanding the meaning of our existence. Travelling helps. It flourishes you as a human being. Travel to detach yourself temporarily and get a life beyond your bubble. Magnify your presence in this universe and leave memories. Its only when you travel, you realize that life is so simple and elemental. You realize that life is about those small and beautiful moments captured out of nowhere.

Stop controlling yourself.

We change and keep constantly changing and running behind some superficial theory of success. We have mistaken ourselves to what is happiness and contentment. We try to control ourselves and get struck in the most vicious circle of right and wrong. I mean we should stop judging something for it is right or wrong.

It is OK to miss your ex from a past hard relationship or eat pizza that will change the size label of your jeans. It is just OK to be you.

So stop analyzing your thoughts and labeling them. And live each thought that comes to your mind.

Stay Light

We create some chaos in our mind and keep fidgeting with it. We carry each and everything with us; our past regrets, sorrows, difficult people, difficult relationships, a jealous friend, a broken heart, a failure and anything that has caused pain in the past. We have forgotten what it feels like being light; light from everything you have earned and yearned. For a change we should let go all the birds caged in our minds and see to what wonders can happen. We should try to free ourselves from all the past regrets and bondages that we have been holding for no reason. Clear all the negativity and make space for some positive light inside your mind. Be light.

Forgive yourselves

Our past is something that keeps us away from a beautiful and happy life. We have this tendency to cling to sorrows. And so we are not able to make a room for happiness. Forget all the regrets that you have. Forget all the mistakes that you made in the past. Forgive yourself for all the wrong that you did to yourself. To expect others to forgive you, you should first learn to forgive yourself.

Embrace the ruins for they will transform you.

Hard times will often lead you to better times. Life is ironical; you need to have a taste of sorrow to know what happiness is. So stop accusing people for giving you a hard time. Thank them for giving you a chance to rebuild something and transform. Remember every wound and every scar on your heart is necessary to forge you into a much beautiful person by heart.

Stop running behind a balanced life

People often get drifted away with this whole ideal concept of a balanced life. A balanced life is the one lived fully. You cannot follow any theory to live a balanced life.

It’s your life dude and don’t expect others to teach you how to live it.

Find your own answers. Be stupid, be brave and love with all your heart. Follow your heart, live in the moment and make sure you leave no regrets.

Keep Smiling

Smile is the best medicine. Believe that you have a beautiful smile and smile every time you feel like you are losing control over your life.

Smile when you love someone; it will make them love you back. Smile when you hate someone; it will probably kill them. Smile when you are going through hardships; for they shall pass. And smile when you feel at ease and happy; to pay gratitude for what’s happening in your life.

So this is it; my short attempt of making a difference. Let me know yours.

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