Mobile Phone: Buying Tips

Here are some easy buying tips:

  1. Operating System. Do you need to buy an iPhone or use an Android phone instead? Regarding security, both are almost equal in security.
  2. Consider the Feature Phone. The feature phone is a basic phone which you can use to make calls and send text messages. It has other features like a clock, calculator, music player, possibly a camera, and games.
  3. Wait some time. If you don’t really need to buy a phone immediately, it would pay for you in the long term. Most phones which don’t sell fast get to be discounted after 6 months.
  4. Storage. What do you store in your cell phone? A lot of business related content is in the cloud. You might even have a lot of personal items in the cloud as well.
  5. Speakers or headsets. When you are buying a cellphone, think about how you have been using your cellphone and whether the new ones can accommodate your habits and existing hardware. If the support is crappy, you should also look into the nearest iPhone repair center.

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