The 5 Most Popular Project Management Mobile Apps

“Small businesses depend on software which can have a gentle learning curve, easy to use, and accessible everywhere”

Nowadays, small businesses are no longer just interested in the nearest cell phone repair center. Here are five most common project management apps used on smartphones.

  1. Basecamp. Basecamp is one of the most popular groupware, and task management software for several years now. It is a cloud-based tool which is easy to learn and can be easily deployed as well.
  2. Trello. This app has made efforts to make the whole workflow simplified. It uses cards to represent individual tasks.
  3. Wrike. Dubbed as a project management and collaboration tool, Wrike allows you to have all project information readily available at all times.
  4. Project Planning Professional. This app looks very much like traditional project management software, with the use of a Gantt chart.
  5. Smartsheet. Using a spreadsheet-like interface, it lists tasks and dependencies, as well as workflows and Gantt charts.

Source: Top 5 Project Management App on Smartphones