Kitchen and Single Room in the East-Bushwick House

Outpost Club Opens Its Biggest Home Yet, The East Bushwick House

The East Bushwick House will be an experiment in the use of space, a testament to Outpost Club’s commitment to experimentation.

NEW YORK, October 16th, 2017 — On Monday, Outpost Club will move its first members into the East Bushwick House, expanding Outpost’s New York City portfolio and bringing more affordable housing to New York based startups, entrepreneurs, professionals, students, and newcomers.

East-Bushwick Single Bedroom

The East Bushwick House is Outpost Club’s third house in the Bushwick neighborhood, allowing Outpost to further accommodate the growing demand for its coliving services in the area.

East Bushwick is increasingly becoming a choice among budget renters, as the neighborhood combines charm with affordability. Bars, cafes and restaurants are starting to pop up all over the neighborhood.

The house itself is Outpost’s largest location, both in terms of square footage and bedrooms. The house has 15 bedrooms, and four main common areas, allowing members to explore different parts of the house.

“The house’s design is the result of the things we learned when opening our previous houses” said Sergii Starostin, Outpost Club Partner and CEO. “We learned that we needed to entice members of separate floors to interact with one another. It takes a lot more than a house to create a community; if the interior design is right, it can facilitate interactions that might not have happened otherwise.”

Coliving is a relatively new concept for New York renters and coliving operators, so each house’s design is an experiment in the use of space. “Each common area has a different purpose in this house. This means that if members need something from another area of the house, they must go to that area and interact with people who traditionally hangout there. We hope this allows members to more naturally build relationships with each other” said Alex Prykhodko, Outpost Club Partner and Operations Manager.

Outpost Club plans to continue opening houses in New York, but for the moment the East Bushwick House is their crowning achievement.

About Outpost Club

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