1. I don’t even know…

…why I’m on this app.

Sup y’all.

My name’s Zariah, and I’m new here in Medium.

Hope you guys are having a great day today (or night…whatever floats your boat).

Two months ago,

I got hired to be a full-time content developer.

In fact, I was given the job title “Head of Content Development.”

Anyone who gets hired after me would be my underlings.

Now here’s the plot twist:

Before I got hired, I’ve never written nor held any formal blog before.

Got absolutely ZERO experience in copywriting, ZERO experience in content development…

Nothing. Nada. None.

And yet, in despite all this, I was still hired.


I’m two-months-in in my writing adventure.

I’ve now written my fair share of articles and blogs (ghost-written), and have now about two months worth of experience in the field.

Now, you might be thinking:

Okay. We get that. But why the heck are you even on this app?

I feel this app could be a great “Medium” to develop a conversational writing style.

(It’s coz I tend to write in an academic style. So formal, and so…nerdy)


Hopefully, by being here in Medium, I could maybe rid myself of this viral disease of writing as if I was wearing a suit and tie.

Join me

On this crazy adventure as I share my life and learnings here in Medium.

But before I leave…

What advice could you guys give to a first time contene developer newb like me?

Let me know on the comments section below.

(Is there even a comments section? Didn’t check)
P.S. I’m a Christian, and I wanna go into full-time ministry someday. Maybe y’all peepz could also give me your thoughts on how I go about this journey.